Check Out CompTIA’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Resources for 2017!

04578 Blog Images for Social_2 505x253You want the best of the best? Here it is – according to you! CompTIA publishes content year-round on a variety of topics to bring our membership and the tech industry at large coverage on everything from industry trends and forecasts to specific thoughts on how to adopt new technologies and expand your business. Check out our top 10 most downloaded resources of the year:

IT Industry Outlook 2017

CompTIA’s annual scan of the technology landscape points to another year of innovation, growth, and of course, a few surprises. Did our forecast hold true?

Cyberstates 2017

CompTIA’s Cyberstates 2017 aggregates and simplifies mountains of tech workforce data, putting trending, industry sizing, average wages, workforce profiling, innovation metrics and more at your fingertips. See where your state ranks.

Cloud Industry Roadmap

If you specialize in cloud, this roadmap provides you with everything you need to know about emerging, current and fading cloud technologies, services, partnerships and regulation. Identify potential threats and opportunities and stay ahead of the game.

CompTIA IT Security Toolkit

This toolkit will assist you in addressing security concerns for your business. It is designed to simplify the myriad demands of cybersecurity and/or compliance and provide starting points for continual improvement of security processes, people and technology. Get started.

International Trends in Cybersecurity

Due to the evolving nature of IT, the great majority of organizations across the world have had to respond by changing the way their company approaches security, especially as firms move to the cloud or implement new mobility strategies. Learn more.

Internet of Things Insights and Opportunities

The dramatic rise in computing power and storage capacity offered at ever-lower prices, coupled with the miniaturization of sensors and chips, robust wireless networks, IPv6 and a software-defined world, to name a few enabling factors, make this iteration of the Internet of Things different than prior eras. Read more.

IT Industry Outlook 2016

We predicted that 2016 would reveal the state of digital transformation. What do you think? Did business leaders launch their organizations on the path of the future or did they struggle to keep up appearances and remain competitive? Take a look.

Cyberstates 2016

The 2016 Cyberstates report presents a comprehensive state-by-state drill-down, showing the gains and losses in employment and wages in the tech sector. Compare the 2016 report to the 2017 report to see what’s changed.

Trends in Cloud Computing

Analysis of the market reveals a new aspect of the second stage in cloud adoption. Many of the trends seen before are still in place, but the pace of progress appears to have slowed. What accounts for this phenomenon?

Sizing Up the Internet of Things

With intelligent systems in play and sharing data there would certainly appear to be an increased demand for all kinds of technical support. Solution providers looking to gain entry into the Internet of Things arena, read on.

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