States Gear Up for 2018 Sessions – Are you Ready??

Have you noticed that states are passing laws impacting technology? Does your company operate in more than one state? Have you ever been taken by surprise when your company has a new compliance procedure because of a new regulation that went into effect? This is the time to consider CompTIA Advocacy!

State and Federal laws begin with the best of intentions, however, sometimes these laws need guidance to really take hold in the way they should without negatively impacting innovation. This is where CompTIA Advocacy comes in. With government affairs professionals in Washington D.C. and across the nation, our team can impact legislation before it is passed and ensure that our membership has weighed in on each piece that is important to them.

Over the last several years, Congress has become less apt to solve problems with legislation, prompting states to take on several challenges on their own. Recognizing that businesses - especially small and medium sized businesses - can have budgetary limitations, belonging to a trade association that impacts public policy in all 50 states can give the greatest amount of impact.

CompTIA’s State Government Affairs team negotiates on subject matter ranging from taxes to environmental issues to education and procurement in each state. In addition, we weigh in on bills impacting new and emerging technologies that are still very early on in the regulatory process. If your company is looking to engage on issues running through the legislative or regulatory process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to CompTIA’s membership team. Your company will be engaged and off to the races in no time!

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