CompTIA is so Thankful For its Members!

04445-November-Advisor-Image---no-bubble_v1This time of year, friends and family come together to say thanks. So CompTIA wants to be sure to thank its most vital resource – our members. CompTIA’s community of Premier Members and Registered Users help the association in so many ways. Here’s how:

They define who we are, and where we’re going.

CompTIA members interact with us and each other constantly, whether it’s through direct connections or our various communities and councils. As such, their insights and knowledge serve as an invaluable resource for us. Subject matter expertise and industry thought leadership are invaluable to CompTIA. All of this helps us develop resources for the membership at large – and the industry as a whole. It also keeps our fingers on the pulse of what the industry is dealing with and where it’s heading – in the next five, ten, even twenty years. In short, member contribution allows us to fulfill our role as a lighthouse for the industry. 

They make our events impactful – and fun!

CompTIA’s host of events such as ChannelCon, the EMEA Member and Partner Conference and CompTIA Plus, the virtual event, are a huge draw globally. It goes without saying that they wouldn’t be what they are without membership. Members don’t just show up for CompTIA events, and in force, they get involved, making every keynote speech, community meeting, panel session and more an impassioned, well-informed dialogue. CompTIA’s members don’t just attend our events, they are the event. Moreover, it’s impossible to watch such a dynamic group of professionals come together without getting swept up in the excitement.

They create content.

Our members never hesitate to get involved in helping us create content, whether it’s being interviewed or profiled, appearing on camera, even authoring content for us. They serve as the public face of the association in so many ways.

They represent us.

CompTIA’s members become ambassadors for the brand, sharing their involvement and commitment, whether it be while networking at other industry events or promoting the association on Facebook pages, their LinkedIn profiles, their company and personal websites and beyond. They encourage others to get involved in all facets of CompTIA, assisting us in growing membership itself and ensuring it remains strong.

They make IT look great.

Our members are tremendous role models for others. They’re a dynamic, diverse, professional group spanning generations with no shortage of business skills to back up their technical prowess. They inspire others to do their very best for the industry, for their communities and for themselves.

Thank you!

As we look toward the end of another terrific year for CompTIA and our industry, we say thank you for being so tremendous! And if you’re not a CompTIA member, click here to join this exceptional group!

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