A Place for IT Pros: TLS Community Launches Podcasts for SPs

Tech-Services-Success-ImageCompTIA’s Technology Lifecycle Services Community just launched a podcast series called Tech Services Success. TLS members are excited to bring you these informative sessions over an array of topics with some of our industry leaders. 

Technology Lifecycle Services Community members collaborated on these conversation with thought leaders to bring you a series that covers industry-specific and educational topics like partnerships and customer service. The goal is to help SPs and IT pros find beneficial information related to their roles in the technology service industry and grow their businesses.

With this announcement, we are publishing three podcasts that we hope you find beneficial to your role in the technology service industry and the growth of your business. Additional podcasts will be added soon.

Podcast Episodes Available Now

In the first podcast, we sit down with Howard M. Cohen, senior resultant for HMCWriteNow. Cohen discusses how the MSP industry is changing with the emergence of specialties similar to how the law and medical industries developed specialties. Rebirth or Death of the MSP? The Future of Managed Services goes on to cover MSP specialization and the importance of partnering with these specialists in the future.

Continuing on the topic of partnering, the second episode features Theresa Caragol, founder and CEO of Achieve Unite. She explains collaborative partnerships and how the different types of partnerships can translate into helping your business succeed. In Using Strategic Collaboration and Partnering to Drive Business Innovation,  Caragol provides the keys to build a successful partnership and how to be a good partner in return.

The third podcast is such an in-depth conversation it’s split into three parts. In Turn CS Data into Profits, Jean Mork Bredeson of Service 800 talks about the importance of measuring customer satisfaction and gives us insight on some of the best methods of obtaining this information from customers and the frequency with which we should be collecting it. In part two, she discusses how to use the data collected from customer satisfaction surveys to help your business improve. 

Mork Bredeson also shares with us what the most important question you need to ask your customers as part of the feedback collection process. Finally, she talks about different rating systems to collect feedback including those that collect some of the newer and popular metrics such as customer loyalty and experience satisfaction.

TLS members hope you enjoy this series of podcast and find the information insightful, and ask that you share the content with your colleagues and on social media. Be sure to subscribe to and follow the Tech Services Success podcast channel so you will be notified when new podcasts are added. 

Daniel V. Sanchez of Genesis Systems Consulting is a member of CompTIA’s TLS Community.

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