Data Download at CompTIA September 12th Event


On Sept 12, CompTIA held a signature event in Chicago at mHub titled “Data Download: Understanding Data Policy”.  Our first panel titled “Advertising Adventures” discussed how data is used for advertising, how users can control what is used, and why keeping a free and open internet is so vital.  Among the panel speakers, Sheila Colclasure, chief privacy officer of Acxiom was very helpful in laying out that trust is necessary in order for companies to continue using consumer data in a helpful and thoughtful way.

The second panel titled “Data Security: Who’s Responsible?” discussed who handles data and their role in keeping it secure—from user to provider to government regulators. Our first speaker, Tom Galvin of the Digital Citizens Alliance, focused on what consumers can do to ensure that they are keeping their data safe.  Our other panelist, Claire Gartland, privacy and public policy manager of Facebook, focused on how providers are baking privacy policies and privacy user abilities into the products that they give to consumers. She highlighted many of Facebook's privacy controls, what they look like, and how users can use those functionalities. Representative Keith Wheeler of the Illinois House Representatives focused on regulations and ensuring that there is a balance between consumer protection and allowing companies to remain innovative and search out new technologies that might enhance our quality of life going forward.

Following the event, CompTIA held a legislative reception for CompTIA State Government Affairs members. Overall, a great event with more like this planned in the future!

Alexi Madon is the CompTIA director of State Government Affairs – Midwest

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