Cloud-Based Tech CEO Calls on Congress to Approve the TPP

Shapero Dan 2016
ClikCloud is an online business that provides cloud-based platforms for digital marketing to emerging businesses. Services include: website, blog, email newsletter and social media integration, among other marketing tools, in order to provide their customers with a successful online presence.
Founded in 2011, by Laguna Beach based entrepreneur Dan Shapero, ClikCloud is a modest company with a team of eight, however, thanks to Internet connectively, business all around the world have found ClikCloud and subscribe to their services. ClikCloud is an international business operating in the global digital economy. 
Mr. Shapero says: “An open and free Internet is essential for us to succeed, and for our customers to succeed.” That’s where the Trans Pacific Partnerships (TPP) comes in. The TPP is a proposed trade agreement between the United States and eleven of the world’s fastest growing countries, capturing 40% of global GDP. TPP will ensure an open Internet so ClikCloud can continue to reach more customs, as well as service their existing subscribers, of which dozens can be found in TPP countries. 
Similar to other Global Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), ClikCloud has encountered foreign government requests to process and store data domestically on the basis of national security or other data privacy concerns. “This red-tape has prevented us from being able to serve customers,” said Shapero. “We’ve seen a troubling trend of countries enforcing data residency requiring companies to build physical infrastructure and expensive data centers. Such requirements dramatically increase costs or fully prevents operations in that country.” This highlights the importance of the TPP—as it thwarts mandates that data be stored in country.
The TPP establishes other cutting-edge obligations that promote high-tech digital trade that have never been covered in previous trade agreements, such as combating discriminatory barriers to the movement of data flows, protection of source code, cybersecurity cooperation, and more.
Mr. Shapero hopes to see Congress approve TPP in the lame duck session this fall. “The emergence of cloud technology is now allowing small businesses to compete globally, and rapidly reach economies of scale that translates into growth and jobs. The TPP puts forward rules that gives us the confidence to do business with these countries as they will be held accountable otherwise. That’s assurance we don’t get unless there is a trade agreement in place. It’s essential.”  
Visit CompTIA’s TPP website to take action and learn more.

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