CompTIA Urges Congress to Intensify Focus on TPP

On September 13, CompTIA, along with a dozen other technology associations, sent a letter to Congressional leadership urging them to work with the administration to reach an agreement that would allow passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) this year. The letter reads in part: "U.S. technology companies alone exported $10 billion in goods and services to the TPP markets in 2014. The TPP will open or expand access to these key markets for the products, services and applications made by the companies we represent and facilitate market access for the wide array of industries that rely on these technologies to conduct their own businesses."

Representing companies of all sizes in the IT trade industry, CompTIA is actively working to encourage Congress to approve this historic trade agreement. The TPP addresses cross-border data flows and unfair localization requirements, which are especially critical to the success and prosperity of the tech industry. Additionally, the TPP takes an important step in promoting strong and balanced copyright and related rights protections.

CompTIA’s members are eager to see ratification and implementation of the TPP. Nate Tibbits, senior vice president of government affairs at Qualcomm, said, “TPP creates a framework for trading in digital products, services and new technologies, including Internet of Things. TPP will help protect intellectual property and create new opportunities by leveling the regulatory playing field for American companies doing business in TPP countries. The TPP agreement is good for Qualcomm and the U.S. tech sector and our customers and employees.”

The full letter sent to Congressional leaders can be found here.

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