CompTIA Teams Up With Security Experts on Educational Security Tech Tools Video Series

Need help tackling security concepts or struggling to see eye-to-eye with customers on security concerns? The CompTIA IT Security Community’s new educational videos on critical cybersecurity could be the ticket to understanding best practices, education programs and industry standards.

Get on the Same Security Page

Cybersecurity efforts are most effective when you share an understanding of the functions and capabilities of the products and services being pitched and purchased. Solution providers and customers need to understand what is involved in securing their businesses, what tools are out there and how they can help with security.

Bridge the Understanding Gap

The Security Tech Tools Video series helps customers understand the importance of critical security issues and supports security solution providers to enable them to have meaningful conversations with clients about how to best protect their business. 

The series includes tutorials on eight key cybersecurity tools:

  1. Password and identity management.
  2. Backup data and recovery.
  3. Encryption.
  4. Advanced firewall and unified threat management.
  5. Intrusion prevention systems and intrusion detection systems.
  6. Internet content filtering.
  7. Policies and compliance.
  8. Anti-malware, anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions.

These videos are a way to connect with other security experts in the trenches, proposing and providing solutions for customers.

Click here to watch the Security Tech Tools videos.

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Nick Beaugeard is CEO and founder at HubOne and chair, ANZ Community, CompTIA.
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