ChannelChanger Spotlight: Chance Hoover

IntelSecurity-Hoover-Chance_SMChance Hoover, Intel Security
2015 ChannelChanger
CompTIA Member Since 2014 

Millennials are on the move in the IT channel, making significant personal and professional contributions to organizations big and small. CompTIA’s 2015 #ChannelChanger Chance Hoover from @IntelSecurity is among the #FutureLeaders driving positive change throughout our industry and in his own community. Check out this candid Q&A to learn more about what makes Chance tick and how being named a ChannelChanger has elevated visibility for his career, as well as other millennials having a positive impact in the IT channel.  

Q:  How does it feel to be a ChannelChanger?  
Being named a ChannelChanger last year was exciting, and led to a whirlwind of events and a little “industry fame.”  The recognition we received at ChannelCon, combined with the press releases, and ongoing social media mentions, has been incredible and certainly elevated my career and industry profile. Being that my peers and I were one of three total up-and-comers named in 2015 was even more rewarding.

Q:  How important was becoming a ChannelChanger back at the office?
How about at home?  My hand is still numb from the number of autographs I signed at and after ChannelCon Chicago. In all seriousness, it’s been really neat to receive the award, get the desk hardware, and have experience to share with the team, especially fellow millennials looking to make their own marks within the organization.  

Q: When you look at your fellow ChannelChangers, what stands out?  
This award – ChannelChangers – shines a spotlight on the Future Leaders community and gives others an opportunity to see how well-rounded, brilliant, instrumental, and successful millennials can be in corporate America versus the bad wrap most associated with our generation. Sam and Sam, my fellow 2015 ChannelChangers, are respected rock star leaders within their organizations. What’s more is that for every ChannelChanger, there are many more nominees, and an immense amount of possible candidates that are changing the game at their companies in their own way that deserve this type of recognition.   

Q: Why should others strive to be a ChannelChanger?
There are unlimited reasons to strive to be a ChannelChanger, the most obvious of which is that positive recognition from well-known industry players will never hurt your career.  Other benefits include attending the informative ChannelCon event, discovering more of which CompTIA has to offer, press recognition, new industry relationships, and among others – bragging rights. 

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