ChannelChanger Spotlight: Samantha Ciaccia

SamanthaCiacciaSamantha Ciaccia, Channel Engagement Manager, Datto Inc. 
Vice Chair, CompTIA Cloud Community 
2015 ChannelChanger 
CompTIA Member Since 2012

Samantha Ciaccia is no stranger to the spotlight these days, but that wasn’t always the case. In a recent interview with Marie Rourke of WhiteFox, she explains how her Premier Membership with CompTIA, recognition as a 2015 ChannelChanger and continued involvement in the association’s Cloud and Future Leaders Communities has fast-tracked her career and given her the confidence to lead and share her views. 

Q: How does it feel to be a ChannelChanger? 
It’s very rewarding and motivating to be a ChannelChanger. I was nominated in 2014 and again in 2015 and was thrilled to get the call from CompTIA that I was chosen last year. The program is amazing, and the recognition has made me work even harder and empowered me with the confidence to have a much stronger voice at the office and within the industry. I am now serving as vice chair of CompTIA’s Cloud Community with Ingram Micro’s Jason Bystrak and we’re gearing up for a great ChannelCon in August. 

Q: How important was becoming a ChannelChanger back at the office? How about at home?
I travel a lot and sometimes when you’re out of sight, you can be out of mind. It’s easy for coworkers to not completely understand what you do on the road, and why you do it. Being named a ChannelChanger brought everything I do in my day-to-day job, back to the office and has really put a spotlight on my career contributions for my family. This award and my involvement in CompTIA – especially the Cloud Community and Future Leaders Community – have been great for me personally and professionally. 

Q: When you look at your fellow ChannelChangers, what stands out?
I feel lucky to be part of this group and the more I get to know the other ChannelChangers, the more I realize it’s not just about what we do for the companies we work for and the industry we work in, it’s about what we do for others – our partners, our vendors, the communities we live in and people we don’t even know and will likely never meet. In many cases, we’re advocating change, embracing new models and using our skills to help others succeed.

My fellow CompTIA ChannelChangers spend a lot of time volunteering within the industry and their community, and I love that. They are active in the CompTIA Future Leaders community, and are constantly looking for ways to have a positive impact on others by leading cool programs such as Intel Security’s Online Safety for Kids Program (way to go Chance!) or IBM’s Millennial Corps (nice work Sam!). 

Q: Why should others strive to be a ChannelChanger and get involved with CompTIA?
I really can’t say enough about CompTIA and what a difference it has made in my career development and professional network. The communities are incredible and it’s so great to work across the industry to drive change and help other organizations. CompTIA’s ChannelCon is a fantastic event and this year our CEO is keynoting so I am beyond excited about that too. I’d recommend CompTIA to anyone in the IT industry who’s serious about success and inspired to do great things. 

As for being named a ChannelChanger, it’s an amazing experience. You gain more confidence and really find – or better yet - make your place in the industry. It gives you a voice, a strong voice that people listen to and respect. It also helps shape your career and gives you the opportunity to do more and be more. Being a ChannelChanger has really helped me identify where I want to take my career and presented me with so many new relationships to make it happen faster. 

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