California Working to Cut Back on Printing

The California State Printer is working to reduce the state footprint in a ‘green’ way by reducing the amount of stored documents within state government.  Mainly, the reduction would be aimed at almost 300,000 sq. feet of space in West Sacramento that holds around 800,000 bankers boxes with one trillion pieces of paper.  When the printer was stuck on technological solutions to scan, print, index, and store these documents, they called CompTIA and asked if our vendor members had any advice for them.  In mid-December, CompTIA members including Xerox, Google, IBM, and NetApp met with the state printer as well as other departmental staff to learn more about the problem and offer experiences the vendors have had doing similar work with other municipalities. 

There is not currently a statewide enterprise contract for scanning and storage that our membership is aware of, but exploring this opportunity as a service that would be offered to all state departments could have quite an impact on how government stores and manages records.  Open records, data availability, analysis, and workflows can all be implemented and the state printer’s head was spinning by the time the vendors gave him insights into the technological capabilities that the industry could potentially provide. 

Meetings will continue with CompTIA vendors and the State Printer in order to assist in development of a solicitation planned for some time in late 2016.  Contact Jennifer Grutzius if you would like to be included in the discussions.

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