CompTIA Hosts Industry Leaders on Capitol Hill for a Panel Discussion on the Role of Emerging Tech and Public Health

On Monday, the CompTIA New and Emerging Technologies Committee teamed with IDC in hosting “America's Public Health System at a Tipping Point: How Emerging Technologies Can Address the Growing Public Health Crisis" Forum. The keynote speaker, Inova Chief Medical Information Officer Ryan Bosch, focused his comments on the role of data in the public health ecosystem. Bosch outlined several business opportunities from the utilization of data including standardizing and reconciling data, protecting the data, and then turning the data into information, knowledge, and wisdom. Bosch also stressed the need for standards within the big data realm.

Maximus SVP and Chief Architect Tom Woteki led a multi panel discussion on the utilization of emerging tech in the public health ecosystem.  Headlining the “National/Global Perspective” was Joel Gurin, The Center for Open Data Enterprise, Scott Lundstrom, Group Vice President and General Manager of IDC Financial, Government and Health Insights, Jennifer Olson, Director, Pandemics, Skoll Global Threats, Jim Steven, Chief Architect, AT&T, Government Solutions, and Chuck Brooks, Vice President, Sutherland Global, Government Solutions.  Headlining the “State/Local Perspective” was Dave Abernethy, VP of Analytics and Data Operations CIVHC, Craig Brammer, CEO, the Health Collaborative, Sue Arthur, Vice President and General Manager, US Health and Life Sciences, HP, and Barbara Selter, Senior Vice President, Maximus.  All the panelists agreed that the use of emerging technologies has the potential to revolutionize public health, from administration to diagnosis and care.  From wearables to virtual health care to mobile first technology, we are seeing a new way that health care is delivered to the American citizen.

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