CompTIA Hosts Legislators at Museum of Science and Industry

CompTIA hosted a tech forum for Illinois state legislators at the Museum of Science and Industry last Monday, July 13.  The hour session focused on economic development around the industry as well as the pipeline of talent entering the workforce.  Guest speaker Gretchen Koch, Executive Director of Workforce Development Strategies at the Creating IT Futures Fund, put education and workforce issues in perspective for legislators, noting that the Chicago metro is 4th in the nation with open IT jobs.  Other guest speakers included Emile Cambry, Executive Director of Blue 1647 and Rob Biederman, Head of Midwest Government Relations and Public Affairs for Google.

The forum ended with a tour of the Museum’s special exhibit, Robot Revolution.  Here the group was able to see the great work robotics specialists are doing throughout the world and how they can enhance our lives from research to health and security and everything in between.  The exhibit was a great demonstration of STEM careers at work and the future of the advanced manufacturing industry. 

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