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  • How Martin Luther King’s Message Still Resonates Today

    by Michael Schuler  | January 16, 2019
    Michael Schuler, vice president, remarketing, HiTech Assets, and a member of the CompTIA Advancing Diversity in Technology Community Executive Council, reflects on Martin Luther King’s 1965 march.
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  • CompTIA Communities and Councils Forum (CCF) is Even Bigger in its Second Year

    by Daniel Margolis  | January 15, 2019
    CompTIA’s communities and councils are great places to connect with like-minded peers and share best practices on a wide range of topics, and this spring they’re all coming together at the CompTIA Communities and Councils Forum (CCF), March 11 to 13, at the Chicago Marriott Downtown.
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  • Windows 7 is Going Out of Service, Which Could Mean Extra Business for You

    by Angel Pineiro  | January 09, 2019
    Microsoft’s end-of-service date for Windows 7 will be here before we know it, and you might be able to pick up some new clients from businesses behind on migration. Click here to get seven tips for a successful rollout of a Windows 10 migration.
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  • Four Questions To Help You Build An MSP For The Future

    by CompTIA  | January 07, 2019
    Business transformation should be a key strategy for companies engaged in the business of technology – but not all have to follow the same path. Consider these four questions to prepare for what’s ahead.
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  • Four Steps to be the Best Technology Vendor in 2019

    by CompTIA  | January 04, 2019
    Last year saw many changes for the industry, and we can safely say 2019 will bring many more. So, to kick off the year in the best way possible, we’ve pulled together a must-do list to ensure vendor success and growth for 2019.
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  • CompTIA’s Greatest Hits: Our 10 Most Trafficked Blog Entries of the Year

    by Daniel Margolis  | December 18, 2018
    The CompTIA blog was everywhere this year; we published a steady stream of articles covering everything about the business of technology and beyond. Take a look at what proved most popular.
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  • Six Can’t Miss Tech Attractions in Austin

    by Matthew Stern  | December 13, 2018
    It’s hard to think of a big-name tech company that doesn’t have a presence in Austin, and the latest company to throw its name in the ring is Apple, which announced today plans to build a $1 billion campus in the city. Check out these six tech draws sure to prove popular with the coming influx of techies in this Texas town.
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  • Why Business Partnerships Remain Essential to Growth

    by Emma Tomlin  | December 05, 2018
    Emma Tomlin, CompTIA ANZ Channel Community executive council member, shares her thoughts on how essential business partnerships remain to driving technology.
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  • Read All the Ways CompTIA Advanced the Business of Technology in 2018

    by Nancy Hammervik  | December 03, 2018
    The rapid pace at which technology evolves is no secret – especially to those of us immersed in the business of technology. It’s our job at CompTIA to provide you, our members, with what you need to flourish. Much was accomplished this year – make sure you’re taking advantage of everything we have to offer.
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  • How to Network on Twitter

    by Kelly Stone  | November 30, 2018
    With more than 328 million users around the globe, Twitter continues to be a relevant way for people to connect and stay updated. Twitter is one of the top five social media tools and a venue for breaking news, robust debates and observations on life. But it can also be a powerful way to augment your professional network. We asked CompTIA’s followers on Twitter what advice they’d like to see most in CompTIAWorld magazine, and they voted for how to network on Twitter itself! Learn how to use social media like a pro to find relevant contacts and endear yourself to potential peers.
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I’m just back from the wildly successful CompTIA EMEA Member Conference in the UK where I was struck by how green everything was– and I’m not just talking about the lush landscape. The Green movement was evident everywhere in the UK, from things as simple as switched outlets and compact florescent lighting everywhere, to motion sensing escalators that “sleep” to conserve power and mirrored ceiling panels that reflect light and heat into the stands of the Ascot Racecourse where the event was held.

Green IT also was a prevalent topic among EMEA Conference speakers and attendees. Environmentalism was mentioned as a planetary imperative and as an economic opportunity during formal presentations and informal conversations alike. The energy efficiencies of virtualization and cloud computing were hot topics at the conference, in part because the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment will soon require large organizations to monitor and report energy usage, and to pay fines for poor performance.

Green IT is an important global issue and CompTIA has several Green IT initiatives in the works. A recent CompTIA survey of IT executives entitled Green IT: Insights and Opportunities found that most are committed to Green IT even if the return wouldn’t be realized for some time. Sixty-seven percent of survey respondents said that Green IT was a mid- to high-level priority for them and 60 percent of organizations already have in place either a partial or comprehensive Green IT strategy covering issues such as energy consumption, equipment usage, recycling, carbon footprint and green behaviors.

To help IT professionals determine how their green ideals are best applied to information technology, we are exploring evaluation tools, identifying industry best practices and developing resources for Green IT. For example, we are gathering state-level information on recycling for our members and identifying processes for the proper disposal of IT equipment. Also, we are working on a Green IT certificate that we hope to have available in early December. Clearly, most IT executives are thinking green proactively and progressively – and so are we.

CompTIA is working to leverage Green IT practices to help those in need. The CompTIA Educational Foundation is asking companies to purge their technology closets on November 6, 2009 and to send their outdated equipment to the Bids 4 Futures Auction. Proceeds from the auction will be used to fund the Creating Futures program, which provides career opportunities to groups of people historically under-represented in the IT industry, including military veterans, individuals with disabilities, minorities, women, at-risk youth and dislocated workers. Training, mentoring, courseware, practice exams, and certification vouchers are provided at no cost to these individuals.

CompTIA is committed to improving the environmental impact of IT. We’ll be offering more research, tools and materials to help you in your Green IT efforts in the coming months, so stay tuned!
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