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  • CompTIA Offers Assistance on Florida’s Terms and Conditions

    by Jennifer Saha | Jun 08, 2017
    The State of Florida’s Department of Management Services has recently proposed some changes to their standard terms and conditions for state contracts. The state’s Agency for State Technology recently survived an attempt to decentralize technology funding, estimated at more than $700m annually. The proposed changes to the state’s standard terms and conditions take the state in the wrong direction. CompTIA expressed some concerns with the proposed changes and, with $700 million on the line in technology spending annually, we are hopeful that Florida hears our concerns and takes them to heart.
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  • Tech Leaders Strategize on How to Improve Civic Engagement

    by Jennifer Saha | Dec 16, 2016
    Sacramento State University recently hosted a series of events to examine what is possible when government and technology interface. CompTIA’s SLED Council is a big supporter of the Sac State Policy and Politics program and even sponsored a $5,000 scholarship for a graduate student in 2016.
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  • Restrictive Terms and Conditions on Tech Contracts in the State of Idaho Need to be Examined

    by Jennifer Saha | Nov 04, 2016
    Last week, I testified in front of the Idaho Legislature’s State Procurement Laws Committee on the need to modernize IT procurement. Idaho, like many states around the nation, has modeled IT procurements according to legislative direction but that direction is intentionally broad and allows considerable policy-setting flexibility to the procurement oversight agency within the state. The state agency and administrators set the standard terms and conditions that dictate which companies will bid on contracts and thus, influence the technologies implemented within the state.
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  • CompTIA’s Public Sector Practice and Jennifer Saha Named Finalist for Route Fifty’s Navigator Award

    by Pete Kaminskas | Oct 14, 2016
    CompTIA is proud to announce that its public sector practice and Jennifer Saha, director of CompTIA’s public sector councils, were named a finalist for Route Fifty’s Navigator Awards in the category of the Government Allies and Cross Sector Partners category.
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  • CompTIA Plays a Key Role in the National Smart Cities Week

    by David Logsdon | Oct 06, 2016
    The Smart Cities Council and federal government kicked off Smart Cities Week with announcements of $80 million dollars in new investments to help cities leverage smart cities technologies. CompTIA is playing an integral role in these investments, offering a host of products and services through the Smart Cities Council Challenge Grants.
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  • CompTIA’s SLED Council Supports Education, Public Technology with Philanthropic Donations

    by Lisa Fasold | Sep 19, 2016
    CompTIA's member community, the State & Local Government and Education Council(SLED), has elected to support Sacramento State University’s School of Public Affairs and the Orlando County (FL) Library System’s Melrose Center with philanthropic dollars. Both organizations will receive $5,000.
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  • Government and the Technology Outsourcing Pendulum

    by Jennifer Saha | Jul 07, 2016
    The question that governments face, and constantly have different answers to, is, “should we outsource or should we do this in-house?” The answer, over time, has really depended on which is cheaper. This is the way it should be. As a shepherd of public funds, governments must constantly strive to achieve their goals with the least amount of money and resources invested.
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  • New SLED Committee Dives into Texas Procurement Reform

    by Jennifer Grutzius | Jan 25, 2016
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