• Six Virtualization Trends to Watch

    by Larry Walsh  | August 31, 2010
    The cloud isn’t the most disruptive technology to sweep across the IT marketplace. It’s virtualization, for virtualization is the underlying technology that is enabling new architectures and delivery mechanisms for IT infrastructure, applications and data. Through virtualization, solution providers are delivering and end users are adopting new techniques for maximizing their IT investments and capabilities.We’ll be getting a steady stream of reports out of San Francisco as the virtualization zea ...
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  • Making Sense of Security Breach Cost Numbers

    by Larry Walsh  | August 16, 2010
    What is the most expensive security breach ever? Before you answer, read the rest of this blog (trust me, you’re probably wrong).According to a recent report by the Ponemon Institute, the mean corporate loss to IT security breaches last year was $3.8 million. During the four-week study period, participating companies reported being the subjected to at least 50 known attacks. And these companies reported taking as long as 14 days at a cost of nearly $18,000 per day to remediate a security breach. ...
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  • IT Security: The Call for Business-Centric Training Programs

    by Bob Biddle  | June 10, 2010
    I have had the opportunity to speak with many leading, solution providers, security vendors and more over the coming months and one thing is clear—there is a definite need for training programs across the channel. Not just any training program will do; programs that are focused on developing and nurturing better partners are truly needed, including those that cover multiple facets of a company’s business. It only makes sense that the best channel partners are running their business with optimal ...
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  • SBA Resources Available for IT Providers

    by Brian Sherman  | April 08, 2010
    The Small Business Owners Community had the opportunity to learn more about the government services available to support their company growth and projects. While most people are aware of the loans supported by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), Carole Harris of the Illinois office pointed out they actually provide other services to support small business. The three areas that the SBA focuses on include: 1.  Counseling and training The SBA works with an allian ...
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  • Cloud Computing: The Call for Standardization, Definitions, and the Need for Certification

    by Bob Biddle  | March 01, 2010
    There has been a lot of talk lately about the cloud….pick up just about any tech journal, business publication, or even the newspaper (online or even the old print format!) and there are articles and analysis discussing everything moving to “the cloud.”  What does that really mean?  Is the end of the desktop/laptop, as we know it today, coming sooner than we thought?  Is it all about being connected 24/7 so that no applications reside locally anymore? Accordin ...
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  • For Government IT Professionals, Training = Success

    by Tim Herbert  | February 22, 2010
    Unless you are skier Bode Miller, who can apparently win the trifecta of Olympic medals with relatively little preparation, success requires hard work and lots of training. CompTIA’s recent study Government IT Buying Plans confirms that government IT professionals recognize the need for on-going training as an important step in ensuring success on the job.According to the survey of over 500 government IT decision makers, approximately 3 in 4 expect to invest in IT training in 2010. The data reve ...
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  • E-Discovery: A Growing Opportunity for VARs

    by Brenda Chan  | February 18, 2010
    Popular crime TV shows like CSI and Law and Order often portray fictional investigators discovering and using evidence in e-mails and other computer files when conducting investigations. While these shows often exaggerate and misrepresent the ease of electronic discovery, they have nevertheless sparked interest in the field.Digital forensics refers to a branch of forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. Closely associated with digital forensics, ...
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  • Creating the Future of the IT Services Industry

    by Brian Sherman  | February 11, 2010
    Putting the “rubber to the road,” as the saying goes; the IT Services and Support Executive Forum meeting in Toronto spent the second half of the afternoon focused on new initiative discussions. Sticking to the CompTIA Communities philosophy of sharing ideas and industry experiences, attendees offered up a variety of potential programs and topics in this part of the meeting. These sessions provide an opportunity for attendees to submit subjects that matter to their business and the i ...
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  • IT Services Industry Growth to be the Focus of Canada Meetings

    by Brian Sherman  | February 10, 2010
    After several cycles of tough international economic conditions, CompTIA’s IT Services and Support Executive Forum will highlight the industry opportunities at its first 2010 meeting in Canada. The event will be held today, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, with many IT service leaders in attendance to discuss the emerging business trends and learn how the community can benefit from several new technologies. In addition, attendees will participate in workshops where current and new industry initi ...
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  • Day Two Packed with Information at CompTIA IT Services and Support Meeting

    by Brian Sherman  | February 04, 2010
    Day two of the CompTIA IT Services and Support Executive Forum meeting is in full swing today, as the attendees concluded a networking breakfast and moved quickly into an update on public policies. The association represents the interests of IT services companies and communicates the top issues affecting the industry on a regular basis. With policy offices in Washington and Brussels, they have a global, national, and regional footprint, keeping community members informed of issues that could aff ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Build Out or Partner in Cybersecurity? The Debate Continues

    by Brian Sherman | Dec 13, 2017
    While tech companies can theoretically offer every available cybersecurity tool and provide a comprehensive portfolio of assessments and consulting services, that usually doesn’t make sense. In fact, most channel firms have financial and resource utilization limitations that make partnering an attractive and often necessary option.
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