• White House protects R&D; Obama’s tax plan criticized; Cybersecurity made top priority

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | December 12, 2012
    President Barack Obama and his administration are attempting to protect billions of dollars in R&D aid from sweeping budget cuts, said Politico Pro. In addition to meeting with recipients of R&D aid in the science and technology sectors, Obama said in a Twitter live chat last week that the administration is looking to defend its aid budget while offering cuts from alternative areas.The Obama administration’s proposal to tax high income earners would hit about 940,000 people who report bu ...
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  • Serious gaps remain between cyber concerns, investments; Contractors move to save cybersecurity funding; House to consider limited GOP immigration bill

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | November 28, 2012
    CompTIA’s 10th Annual Information Security Trends study reviews how the use of mobile devices and technologies such as cloud computing create opportunities as well as vulnerabilities, reports Federal Computer Week. Fifty-seven percent of respondents indicated their company has made at least moderate IT security changes to combat those threats over the past two years, while 10 percent indicated they’ve made drastic changes.Federal officials have hinted that the cybersecurity budget will be spared ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Are Your Customers Properly Protected on Cyber Monday?

    by Brian Sherman  | November 26, 2012
    On the Monday after Thanksgiving, also known as Cyber Monday, online retailers offer deep discounts to attract customers. The number of online transactions completed today may not top the brick-and-mortar retail sales of Black Friday, but that gap continues to close with each passing year. A growing number of consumers are choosing the Internet over the annual trek to the mall, preferring the comfort of shopping from their own home or office over the hustle and bustle of the mall and other store ...
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  • Small Business Owners Nervous About End of Bush-Era Tax Cuts; Obama Makes Cybersecurity a Top Priority; Presidential Candidates Agree Foreign-Born Entrepreneurs Good For U.S.

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | November 06, 2012
    Many small business owners have put off plans to hire and expand amid uncertainty around what they will face when several Bush-era tax cuts expire at year’s end, said USA Today. Although tax hikes appear to be a likely outcome, there are several legislative scenarios that could alter, minimize or even delay the tax hikes set to kick in this January.After warning that U.S. financial institutions will continue to be under constant cyber attack, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said tha ...
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  • Cybersecurity Bill Likely Dead; Tech Firms Stepped Up at Conventions; Obama Suggests ‘Secretary of Business’ in Second Term

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | October 30, 2012
    Passing of new cybersecurity legislation may have to wait until next year. Tech and telecom companies stepped up networking efforts at both national conventions. Obama plans to appoint a secretary of business.The passing of new cybersecurity legislation to protect our nation’s critical infrastructure may have to wait until next year, said The Hill. Even though Defense Secretary Leon Panetta urged Congress to act swiftly and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he is planning to bring the issue to the ...
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  • We Want You to Contribute to CompTIA’s Workforce Development Public Policy

    by Randi Parker  | October 19, 2012
    The CompTIA Public Advocacy team wants your input and is forming a working group within CompTIA membership that will focus on workforce development issues.  With a new Congress coming in to town in a few months, we will have an opportunity to solidify our standing as a leader on this issue and there will be a lot for the working group to do!You should join this group if you are interested in the following areas:Cybersecurity Workforce: There is a great deal of collaboration that can be done with ...
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  • Romney Makes Inroads in Silicon Valley; Cybersecurity and Online Sales Tax Legislation Pending

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | October 09, 2012
    Obama and Romney face engaged technology industry. Executive order on cybersecurity by Obama predicted. Bills that would impose sales taxes on online goods and services debated in Congress.Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are facing a technology industry that is more politically and financially engaged in the election this year than in elections past, says the New York Times. While both parties have combined to raise more money from tech donors than in 2008, Romney has fared ...
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  • SMBs Say Candidates Don’t Get Them; Debate on Cybersecurity Continues

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | September 19, 2012
    Small business owners feel policies favor large businesses. Republicans oppose more regulations to boost private businesses’ cybersecurity. Former FBI official calls for clarity on how to combat cyberthreats. Small business owners feel too many policies endorsed by politicians favor large businesses, says Bloomberg. SMBs say politicians unjustly believe that small companies operate just as larger corporations do when in reality they are not operationally similar. Republicans feel tha ...
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  • White House and Congress Legislate on Cybersecurity; Obama’s Efforts to Help SMBs Considered

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | September 13, 2012
    White House drafts preliminary executive order intended to protect U.S. computer systems. Congress back in session; expected to react. The Obama administration has sought to boost loans to small businesses. The White House has drafted a preliminary executive order with the hope of protecting our nation’s computer systems, says the Washington Post. The exact dimensions of the order are still being debated, but it would create voluntary standards for businesses. With Congress back in ses ...
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  • Chart your Career with our Groundbreaking, Online, IT Certification Roadmap

    by Janet Pinkerton  | March 07, 2012
    Okay, IT professionals, what’s your career roadmap? Employers, what your plan for validating your IT employees’ skills? Find both on CompTIA’s online IT certification roadmap to learn which credentials—from CompTIA and other organizations — will advance specific IT careers. This one-of-a-kind tool identifies industry IT certifications used on various IT career paths as a worker progresses from beginner/novice to the intermediate, advanced, specialist and expert le ...
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