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  • Improve Process Efficiencies to Raise Your Managed Services Margins

    by Brian Sherman  | April 11, 2012
    Both the speakers and audience at this morning’s MSP Partners Community meeting during CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting kept coming back to a common pain point that many IT solution providers experience. Despite the high level of automation and remote processes followed by many industry experts, others continue to struggle to improve their organizations’ business and process efficiencies. As the company grows, what was once a small issue can snowball into a much greater problem that gets harder t ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Build Your Business for M&A

    by Brian Sherman  | April 06, 2012
    Dell is on a tear this week, scooping up Wyse Technologies and Clerity Solutions and adding thin client and even more cloud solutions to their ever-expanding portfolio. The former hardware-centric vendor obviously has a plan to transform its business model, rapidly expanding into areas formerly supported by channel organizations. The moves help the company continue to reduce its reliance on hardware, shifting to more profitable and higher growth segments of the IT industry.But Dell’s strategy is ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Leverage Credentials to Successfully Launch New Business Practices

    by Brian Sherman  | March 30, 2012
    Life certainly doesn’t stand still, and neither does the IT world. Ten years ago, who would have thought that Apple products would be found in more than half the households in the U.S. or that mobility devices would be crucial business tools? Change is inevitable, but the technology we employ in our personal and corporate lives seems to be advancing at greater speeds each and every year. Some of those advancements have come about so quickly that they have become commoditized almost overn ...
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  • ChannelTrends: What Will Your Managed Services Business Look Like in 2022?

    by Brian Sherman  | February 24, 2012
    What a wild 10 years it’s been in the IT channel. Earlier this week I attended one of the Level Platforms’ Road Shows in Columbus, Ohio, and, while listening to a number of MSP presentations and vendor presentations, I had a flashback to my first discussion on managed services. It was almost a decade ago when I sat down with Level’s CEO Peter Sandiford for a Business Solutions magazine interview at a Gartner ChannelVision event. Over the next two hours, he laid out the client and provider need f ...
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  • Help your Partners Promote Trust and Win More Business

    by Brian Sherman  | February 01, 2012
    “Trust is the lubrication that makes it possible for organizations to work.”  That quote from Warren Bennis underscores the importance of building a solid relationship between solution providers (or any business) and their clients. As a pioneer in leadership studies and World War II hero, he wrote extensively about the correlation between trust and success, and emphasized the need for businesses to build confidence with their customers.The toughest thing about creating a quality reputation is th ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Is Cash Falling From Your Cloud Business?

    by Brian Sherman  | January 27, 2012
    With the exception of utility companies and a limited number of monopolies, few businesses are able to turn almost every one of their prospects into paying clients. The optimal business deal is one where both parties get a fair value. Both the buyer and seller should be pleased with the results of the transaction, with no lingering issues that could prevent future sales. Though that scenario may seem straightforward, many companies lose that perspective over time. The sales team may fall into a ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Taking Managed Services to the Next Level

    by Brian Sherman  | January 13, 2012
    Almost all businesses go through periods of stagnation. That doesn’t mean the companies become unprofitable or experience sales declines, but less emphasis seems to be placed on new organizational activities. It’s a natural occurrence, as owners and managers struggle to keep up with the needs of their growing clientele, there often isn’t enough time (or the urgency) to focus on the future.After several years of rapid expansion, a number of managed services professionals are experiencing similar ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Build Value with IT Business Credentials

    by Brian Sherman  | January 06, 2012
    Is yours a recession-based business, able to maintain profitability or survive longer-term economic downturns?  The topic was brought up by Karl Palachuk in his State of the Nation Address webinar earlier this week as he discussed some of the things solution providers can do to strengthen their organization. Without a firm handle on the IT business metrics and processes (such as cash flow and automated systems), it’s easy for MSPs and VARs to find themselves in financial trouble when the economi ...
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  • The Industry Leaders Step Forward

    by Nancy Hammervik  | January 04, 2012
    Channel leaders aren’t born…they typically step forward after spending years learning the basics of the indirect business model and the people who make it work. With a deep appreciation of the industry, these individuals understand the issues and opportunities, as well as what’s needed to help solution providers hone their skills and business proficiencies. To be effective leaders, respect of their peers is essential. A high level of esteem is required to garner support of new ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Top 5 Solution Provider Opportunities for 2012

    by Brian Sherman  | December 29, 2011
    For most, the year has either wrapped up or is just hours from completion. Whether the last 12 months were prosperous or challenging for your business, it’s time to close the books on 2011 and build on the things that went right. What lies ahead for your business in the next year? While the areas of opportunity for solution providers aren’t expected to change considerably, the focus will surely continue to shift in the coming months.The drivers that created project and service revenue for VARs a ...
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  • Innovation: What Is It, Really?

    by Lisa Person | Aug 22, 2018
    CompTIA brought expert Peter Zapf of Fog Pilot to ChannelCon to speak on the nature of creativity. Get his four steps to creation and innovation here.
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