Managed Services

  • Boost Your IT Business Efficiency and Profitability with Effective Automation

    by Peter Hodges  | May 08, 2015
    Successful automation can pay for itself, freeing up time for your team to do the creative problem solving that adds the most value for your clients.
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  • Learn Why Relationships Matter in Managed Services With These 5 Tools

    by Michelle Peterson  | April 06, 2015
    Managed services is about making the most of potential relationships. Use our new resource bundle to unpack relationships with your sales people, vendors and partners.
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  • Managed Services Sales Tactics Must Keep Pace with Change, Says CharTec CEO

    by Michelle Peterson  | March 25, 2015
    Managed services has undergone many changes over the years, and sales techniques must evolve to keep up, according to CharTec CEO Alex Rogers, who spoke to the CompTIA Managed Services Community during AMM Tuesday.
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  • Human Capital: Why Your People are a Key Element in Your Success

    by Dave Sobel  | March 04, 2015
    The most successful managed service providers understand they’re not solely technology companies, but rather people-companies in the business of technology.
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  • Why Business Agility is Key to Sustainable Growth for MSPs

    by Dave Sobel  | January 21, 2015
    Successful MSPs focus on operational process discipline, have a deep understanding of customer requirements, and understand market conditions and technology progress, according to CompTIA Vendor Advisory Council member Dave Sobel. In this piece, he outlines what makes a successful MSP practice and a focus on business agility creates perpetually valuable business model.
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  • The Company You Keep Can Improve Your Managed Services Business

    by Michelle Peterson  | January 08, 2015
    The seventh annual MSPmentor 250 list highlights the comprehensive strength of CompTIA’s Managed Services Community and its members. See who made the list, and why the community’s collaborative efforts are truly noteworthy.
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  • Will Managed IT and Managed Print Services Converge?

    by Lisa Fasold  | August 11, 2014
    Trust issues and reluctance to change are just two reasons managed IT and managed print services have so far stayed in separate worlds, but during CompTIA’s Managed Print Services Community meeting at ChannelCon, West McDonald of Focus MPS and Rob Rae of Datto squared off on what the future of these two areas, and the big question of the day: Will managed IT services and managed print services converge?
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  • Companies Can't Live on Referrals Alone, So You'd Better Learn Some Marketing Skills

    by Lisa Fasold  | August 05, 2014
    The majority of companies grow by referral, but you can’t control your business if you live off referrals, according to Chris Wiser, CEO of TechSquad. During his talk at ChannelCon’s Managed Services Community meeting, he offered a series of quick marketing tips for channel firms.
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  • ChannelTrends: Tackling the Challenges and Opportunities of Managed Services

    by Brian Sherman  | May 07, 2014
    Remote monitoring and management tools have been available to channel companies for quite some time. Just last week, a friend of mine sent me a link to the first article I ever wrote on managed services — from almost a decade ago — to congratulate me on 10 years of covering this industry-changing topic. Though it was just a brief mention from the former Gartner System Builders’ Summit and VARVision show, the Business Solutions magazine piece reminded me just how much the channe ...
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  • The Key to Managed Services Adoption is Clear Messaging

    by Carolyn April  | April 09, 2014
    What value does your company add? It’s a perennial business question, one that channel firms face each and every day in interactions with customers, vendors and other partners. In this era of cloud computing and ongoing business model upheaval, everyone is looking for a way to stand out, especially to the customer. If you can’t answer the fundamental question – Why do we matter? – your business is at a disadvantage. The managed services model is one example of a channel b ...
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