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  • Managed Services Best Practices – Inspiration from the Montreal Expos

    by Jim Hamilton  | August 24, 2010
    Note: This is an addendum to the eight blog entries in which I examine managed services best practices identified in the CompTIA MSP Partners 2010 market research.My favorite baseball team was and always will be the Montreal Expos. They had heart. With one of the lowest payrolls in major league baseball, they had to be smart, where other teams could simply spend. They were quirky – where else in major league baseball was it 99 meters to the right field fence and you could buy a chien chaud (lite ...
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  • A Deeper Look at Healthcare Technology Opportunities

    by Brian Sherman  | August 12, 2010
     The Final Day at MSP University Bootcamp As the MSP University Bootcamp (part of this week's CompTIA Breakaway event) in San Antonio came to a close, healthcare IT took center stage between an interactive panel of practice and technology experts, and a presentation from HP. Complementing both of those sessions was a presentation on developing a motivating sales compensation plans that will help you meet and exceed your business goals. Chris Mertens, Vice President of HP PSG US Healthca ...
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  • Move From Geek Speak to Business Consultation Success

    by Brian Sherman  | August 12, 2010
    Between managed IT services and the ever-changing needs of business customers, a switch to consultative sales is increasingly important for today’s solution providers. In a highly interactive discussion during CompTIA Breakaway, a packed room of solution providers quizzed the expert panel on transitioning to the new sales philosophy.Joining session moderator Tricia Wurts, President of Wurts & Associates, Inc. were well-known and respected industry veterans: Bob Penland, CTO of TruMethods, LL ...
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  • Automate Your IT Product Sales (and Services)

    by Brian Sherman  | August 10, 2010
    It’s been a few years since “Managed Services” was introduced to the IT channel in mass, with several experts suggesting that product sales needed to vanish for the new business model to be successful. Despite that claim, many providers discovered that their customers still wanted them to help select and deliver their technology. The reality is, many VARs had been successful in becoming the true trusted advisor to their clients and walking away from an area where they need support just doesn’t m ...
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  • Channel-Lands Weekly Debuts

    by Larry Walsh  | August 06, 2010
    Welcome to the first installment of the “Channel-Lands,” a weekly review of the top news stories, trends and events in the channel. Each week, I’ll comb through the leading channel and technology publication websites for the big and significant stories you may have missed while servicing your customers and building profitable businesses. I welcome your suggestions for stories and issues that should be included in “Channel-Lands.”Google Can’t Catch the WaveSeveral channel pubs noted the demise of ...
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  • Managed Services Best Practice #8 – Your Most Valuable Asset

    by Jim Hamilton  | July 22, 2010
    Note: This is the eighth of eight blog entries in which I examine managed services best practices identified in the CompTIA MSP Partners 2010 market research.What is your most valuable asset? No, I’m not talking about your winning smile or superior intelligence… but the asset that is most import to your business success. Here’s a hint to what I’m looking for: I once worked for a CEO who told me “I’d rather lose a good customer than a good employee.” His point was simple; a good employee is more ...
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  • Making the Jump into Managed Services

    by Gennifer Biggs  | July 16, 2010
    If you are among the many traditional break/fix VARs interested in jumping into managed services, you won’t want to miss our Breakaway panel on just that topic at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 10. I’ve lined up industry leaders and successful MSPs to share their advice and answer your questions about successfully making the move from break/fix to managed services. Hear insight from Jeannine Edwards, director of ConnectWise Community; Edward Stringfellow, president of Stringfellow Technology Group; Al ...
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  • What's Up Doc?

    by Amy Carrado  | July 16, 2010
    Last week I had the privilege of watching 15 doctors talk candidly about technology from behind a one-way mirror. The two focus groups, among general practitioners and specialists, were very educational and at times quite entertaining. While the information gleaned may not be representative of all doctors, it helps provide some qualitative insights around what doctors are really thinking about IT. I’d like to share with you some examples of the key themes and interesting points I saw emerg ...
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  • Managed Services Best Practice #6 – What Color of Managed Services Would You Like?

    by Jim Hamilton  | July 13, 2010
    Note: This is the seventh of eight blog entries in which I examine managed services best practices identified in the CompTIA MSP Partners 2010 market research.Henry Ford once quipped “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”. In a world of “half-caf skim latte – hold the foam”, the industrialist’s quote may seem like a quaint memory of years gone past—but it is actually an insightful observation on business. It speaks to the importance of repeatability, ...
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  • Creating a Managed Services Practice- With Available Resources

    by Dan Liutikas  | June 29, 2010
    Let’s flash back to the 1980s, when channel resellers were receiving healthy margins selling OEM equipment to small and mid-sized businesses. Over time, those profit percentages were eroded by competitive forces and manufacturers looking to improve their bottom line. That was one factor that caused many resellers to evolve their business model, becoming VARs (value added resellers). In this adaptation of the IT channel, providers gradually discovered increased profitability not from the sale of ...
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