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  • Strengthening Your Reputation, Developing Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

    by Anthony Rosen  | March 23, 2016
    The ITSS Community meeting at AMM: a careful reminder of the power your name can carry.
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  • Eleven Valuable Takeaways from ChannelCon 2015

    by Brian Sherman  | August 17, 2015
    Couldn’t make it to ChannelCon 2015? While it would hard to share all the details from so many fantastic sessions, here are eleven (because ten simply wasn’t enough) of the more notable highlights...
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  • Sales vs. Tech…Who’s Right?

    by Mark Chesney  | August 05, 2015
    The “Sales Said – Tech Said” panel, hosted by Rich Rysowitz of Synnex Corporation in the ITSS Community meeting, shed some much needed light on the sales / service clash that can occur with solution providers.
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  • Remain Relevant and Profitable with ITSS Videos

    by Michelle Peterson  | April 07, 2015
    Get a better understanding of service business opportunities — and ways to monetize — using CompTIA’s new video series from the IT Services and Support Community.
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  • ITSS Community Delivers an Actionable Reminder: Create a Better User Experience

    by Brian Sherman  | December 01, 2014
    How customers utilize your products or services is crucial to your success, and user experience was a prevailing topic with several speakers and in many round table discussions at the recent ITSS Community meeting in Philadelphia. Experts offered firsthand accounts of how some rather large organizations are adopting and implementing the latest technologies, and each presenter addressed a number of the concerns and problems their management and tech teams experienced along the way.
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