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  • Is There a Place for Solution Providers in the Parallel Channel?

    by Brian Sherman  | October 17, 2016
    Solution providers tend to dabble in the SaaS space, but few have active engagements with one or more vendors on “the other side” of the tech fence. To be fair, few of the developers in this parallel channel seem to understand (or acknowledge) the value solution providers bring to the tech delivery equation. Some feel this lack of cooperation and collaboration is detrimental to both groups. But what can we do to change it?
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  • Focus on Security When Expanding Your Managed Services Offerings

    by Brian Sherman  | August 01, 2016
    One of the toughest things for new IT services business owners is planning out their portfolios. What services do you need to offer to satisfy existing clients and attract new customers? Security has become one of the biggest differentiators for MSPs today and the topic of expanding those offerings created some interesting conversations in the CompTIA Partner Advisory Council meeting at ChannelCon 2016.
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  • More than the Numbers: Beyond Data and Analytics in Public Sector Tech

    by Preston Grisham  | March 25, 2016
    The joint HSITAG and SLED council panel at AMM 2016 delved into an exploration of improving quality of life through advancing and enhancing technology in public services.
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  • "What's Yours and What's Mine?" A Key Question Facing the IT Industry

    by Ken Presti  | October 05, 2015
    CompTIA industry councils meet in Denver this week to discuss the answer.
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  • Is Cloud Verticalization Your Next Opportunity?

    by Rob Rae  | April 27, 2015
    There are only a few reasons to turn business away, and in most cases, verticalization isn’t one of them, says Datto’s Rob Rae.
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  • Telecom Advisory Council Pushes for Closer Convergence Relationships

    by Brian Sherman  | March 30, 2015
    Misperceptions and business model challenges have foiled years of attempts to merge service offerings between telecom and IT industries, and continue to prevent them for forming a mutual, valued and trustworthy relationship. CompTIA Telecom Advisory Council is working to change that.
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  • Partner Advisory Council Unveils Business Model Benchmark at AMM

    by Brian Sherman  | March 25, 2015
    CompTIA Partner Advisory Council hit a milestone at AMM, launching the CompTIA Business Model Benchmark, a long-term initiative used to measures the success of a solution provider business.
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  • The Vendor Channel Contribution Dissected at AMM

    by Brian Sherman  | March 24, 2015
    The U.S. segment looks promising in 2015, but economic issues in other regions are negatively affecting growth forecasts, according to discussions brought up in CompTIA’s Vendor Advisory Council meeting, held Tuesday at AMM.
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  • CompTIA Donation Helps TechGirlz Promote IT Careers to 1,500 Young Women

    by Michelle Peterson  | February 16, 2015
    A nonprofit dedicated to reducing — and hopefully eliminating — the gender gap in technology received a charitable donation from CompTIA that will help spread the TechGirlz message outside the mid-Atlantic region and impact more than 1,500 girls in just one school year.
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  • Why Business Agility is Key to Sustainable Growth for MSPs

    by Dave Sobel  | January 21, 2015
    Successful MSPs focus on operational process discipline, have a deep understanding of customer requirements, and understand market conditions and technology progress, according to CompTIA Vendor Advisory Council member Dave Sobel. In this piece, he outlines what makes a successful MSP practice and a focus on business agility creates perpetually valuable business model.
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  • Drones: An Artificial Intelligence Game Changer

    by Frank Segarra | Apr 13, 2018
    An essential ingredient of artificial intelligence is accurate mapping, whether it’s a building, a farm or the entire planet, and drones are changing the cost equation for rapid mapping at a fast pace. Find out how.
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