• ChannelTrends: When You Wish Upon a Cloud

    by Brian Sherman  | September 14, 2012
    Going with the flow isn’t a strategy, and it certainly isn’t a route that business owners should take. But the path of least resistance is often thrust upon solution providers, especially when their clients and prospects are the ones making the decisions. Satisfying clients while doing what’s in their own best interests is a delicate balancing act. With cloud services, that’s a common dilemma.Without a carefully crafted, well-validated strategy, solution providers may find themselves pulled into ...
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  • Working on the Pipes: New Frontiers in Networking

    by Seth Robinson  | September 12, 2012
    With buzzwords like cloud, mobility and Big Data dominating IT discussions, it might seem that a topic like networking doesn’t have much to offer. Yet time and time again, CompTIA research highlights the importance of networking to success in other initiatives: According to the 3rd Annual Trends in Cloud Computingstudy, 50 percent of cloud users who found its cost savings to be lower than original estimates attributed the disparity to unplanned network upgrades. Forty-two percent of resp ...
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  • White House Weighing Executive Order on Cybersecurity

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | August 15, 2012
    A look at the week of August 14 in public advocacy for the IT channel: President Obama is currently weighing an executive order that would help prevent cyber attacks on critical infrastructure one week after the Senate failed to pass legislation, says the National Journal. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that cloud computing is dangerous and will lead to major problems in the next few years, says the Huffington Post. GOP lawmakers in the Senate are firing back against Senate Democrats th ...
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  • Taking on Cloud: What’s Your First Step?

    by Carolyn April  | August 14, 2012
    No doubt there exist many channel opportunities related to the cloud model, among them new sales and customer engagement scenarios as well as the chance to build recurring revenue streams. This is all good business. But the fast-moving shift to cloud is also profoundly disruptive and challenging. Ready or not, many of today’s solution providers find themselves re-evaluating how they conduct basic business operations, regardless of whether they are planning an all-cloud transition (for now, a rar ...
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  • ChannelTrends: The Leadership Factor

    by Brian Sherman  | August 10, 2012
    Leadership is defined as a function, act or role in guiding groups or individuals, but those who attended last week's CompTIA Breakaway conference know that description doesn't do it justice. The members who step up to head each of the association's 11 peer communities aren't paid for their efforts, and most spend hundreds of hours each year to accomplish all of their group's ambitious industry-enhancing goals. Much of their work happens behind the scenes, from organizing calls and planning upco ...
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  • After Defeat of Senate Cybersecurity Bill, Obama Weighs Executive-Order Option

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | August 08, 2012
    A look at the week of August 6 in public advocacy for the IT channel: Even though cybersecurity legislation was blocked by Senate Republicans last Friday, the White House still might issue an executive order to push legislation through if Congress doesn’t step up, says The Hill. Two bills currently in Congress that would allow states to collect sales tax on items sold online could add more than $800 million in tax revenue for the District, Maryland and Virginia, says the Washington Post. Technol ...
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  • Cut through the Fog of the Cloud

    by Bob Dirkes  | August 01, 2012
    The skies over Las Vegas were appropriately overcast Tuesday morning as the media/analyst panel discussion “Cutting through the Fog of the Cloud” commenced at CompTIA’s Breakaway 2012.Rain in Vegas is an anomaly any time of year, but showers in late July are especially rare.  An occasional sun shower is not out of the ordinary during the summer in the valley.  But given the desert conditions and the blaring sun that regularly delivers temps above 100 degrees, the raindrops typically sizzle and d ...
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  • Channels Employing Cloud

    by Ian Moyse  | July 30, 2012
    2012 is rumored as the tipping point for cloud. For the last four to five years, we have heard that cloud (Internet-delivered solutions) is about to go mainstream, however, this year it is not the hype, but real user benefits that are driving adoption.What do I mean by this? Well people are not going out looking for cloud-based solutions (“I want some cloud”), instead they are looking for a solution to a real problem. Some users are unknowingly using a cloud-based solution (either in their busin ...
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  • End-User Cloud Behavior Points to Disruptive Times Ahead

    by Seth Robinson  | July 25, 2012
    We’ve studied the cloud computing market for three years. Our inaugural study focused on gauging the marketplace and defining cloud concepts, and the second study explored early adoption trends among end-users and channel firms. With the 3rd Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study, CompTIA examines a maturing market and the changes that are taking place not only for IT but also for business in general.The cloud market is expected to continue its rapid growth path. Gartner projects that total clou ...
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  • ‘C’ LOUD

    by Ian Moyse  | July 25, 2012
    The big C when it comes to cloud for the channel is “conflict.” I have been presenting and visiting partners around Europe for the past several years and listening to the opinions and input from vendors, VARs, resellers, MSPs, ISPs and a variety of channels by varying name definitions, and one thing is for sure, the cloud has certainly stimulated debate.Whether it is concern, nervousness, confusion or mistrust, a lot of negative feelings have been generated in the channel by the C word. And yet ...
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