• Are You A Cloud Slacker?

    by Khali Henderson  | August 12, 2013
    Are you a cloud laggard? That’s analyst speak for “slacker.” If you are, you may be in the minority sooner than you think. Fewer than one in five partners serving small- to medium-sized businesses will not be offering cloud services by next year. That’s according to a new study out this summer from Techaisle Inc. The research firm found the number of U.S. channel partners – VARs, MSPs and solutions providers – offering cloud services to SMBs will jump fro ...
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  • Forecasting the Cloud Evolution at ChannelCon

    by Steven Ostrowski  | July 31, 2013
    Consultation and creative problem solving are important keys to success in the marketplace for cloud-based solutions. That message was delivered Tuesday by top executives from three leading IT distributors who participated in a Power Panel Discussion at CompTIA ChannelCon 2013. The market for cloud solutions is big and getting bigger, the panelists agreed. Jason Bystrak, director of cloud services at Ingram Micro, cited data that shows 70 percent of new customers were driven to a purchase decisi ...
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  • Community Meeting Seeks Clarity in the Cloud

    by Steven Ostrowski  | July 30, 2013
    Unrealistic expectations about what cloud computing can deliver often derail relationships between technology vendors and their channel partners, as well as between partners and their customers. The CompTIA Cloud / SaaS community debated how to overcome those obstacles during its meeting Monday at ChannelCon 2013, the premier education and training event for the IT channel. Attendees agreed that setting realistic expectations that are understood and agreed to by both parties – whether vend ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Clearing up the Cloud Business Model

    by Brian Sherman  | July 16, 2013
    By now, just about everyone has been exposed to the benefits of Web-based computing. From the non-stop radio and television advertisements from cable and phone companies to the personalized communications sent out by massive direct and indirect sales providers, the message is getting out. With a virtually limitless number of advantages for the business community, cloud services adoption continues to grow exponentially each year while its impact on the channel makes similar gains. After all, Web- ...
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  • Cloud Economics Foggy to Many Businesses

    by Larry Walsh  | July 05, 2013
    Vendors love cloud computing, at least in theory. The cloud computing model offers something many IT companies – vendors and solution providers alike – have never seen: recurring, predicable and accruing revenue. And, because cloud can be delivered at scale with fewer resources, such services are inherently more profitable. Cloud economics aren’t lost on businesses. Rather than building and maintaining their own IT systems and applications, cloud computing promises to low ...
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  • ChannelTrends: CompTIA Cloud Trustmark Previewed

    by Brian Sherman  | April 23, 2013
    If advertising is any gauge, everyone is selling cloud now. Even though some of the most hype-filled promotions don’t specifically spell out for their intended audience the benefits of this thriving technology delivery method, the frequency of their pitch is likely encouraging prospective clients to conduct their own research. That’s good news for those in the channel, as long as they have the confidence and capabilities to provide a superior service. While some industry professional ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Top 10 Initiatives to Watch For From CompTIA’s Member Communities in 2013

    by Brian Sherman  | April 10, 2013
    One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs join industry associations is to gain access to a variety of business improvement resources and educational programs that would be costly to recreate or purchase on their own. Those business tools and best practices are particularly hard to come by in the IT channel, and the expense of tailoring them to meet the specific needs of even a well-established solution provider can be quite prohibitive. CompTIA not only recognizes those challenges, but colla ...
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  • Transformation of the IT Function an Unofficial Theme on Day Three of Cloud Connect

    by Seth Robinson  | April 05, 2013
    The stated theme of Cloud Connect may have been cloud as a platform, but the unofficial theme became the necessary transformation of the IT function. And while there were two dubious quotes from the conference on Wednesday, a quote from Thursday perfectly summed up this new theme: “Virtualization is a technology; cloud computing is a business model.” Viewing cloud computing as a technology leads to the impression that it can be bought and implemented into an existing business flow. A ...
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  • Newness and Challenges of Cloud Debated on Day Two of Cloud Connect

    by Seth Robinson  | April 04, 2013
    On Wednesday at the Cloud Connect conference, I heard two statements presented that I didn’t quite agree with. The first was that “cloud is nothing new.” I’ve heard this statement before, and I think people who make it are mostly trying to make the point that client/server architectures have existed before. That much is true, but there is clearly something new about cloud computing, and I believe that something is the amount of disintermediation that has taken place. Many ...
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  • Cloud Seen as Supporting Other IT Solutions, yet Still Maturing, on Day One of Cloud Connect

    by Seth Robinson  | April 03, 2013
    The theme for Cloud Connect in Santa Clara this week is the growth of cloud as a platform for building IT solutions. In some ways, this means that cloud becomes a secondary consideration behind the specific solutions being built. John O’Farrell, general partner with Andreessen Horowitz, said the venture capital firm frequently takes cloud for granted as it evaluates investment options, a sentiment that was also shared by CompTIA in our 2013 IT Industry Outlook. As a platform, cloud computi ...
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