• Cloud Use Moving from Experimental to Full On Adoption, According to New Research

    by Lisa Fasold  | August 05, 2014
    CompTIA’s latest cloud study won’t be released until September, but ChannelCon attendees at the Cloud Community meeting got a special preview of the report from Seth Robinson and Carolyn April of CompTIA Market Research.
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  • Use These Three Es to Develop and Assess Your Channel Relationships

    by Matthew Stern  | April 15, 2014
    Building a solid foundation with your channel partners will help your business go down countless avenues in the future. For a vendor, finding the right channels to sell cloud services can play a key role in expanding business and reaching new, untapped markets. Local markets and others formerly out-of-reach for a cloud provider can open up with the right partnership. But the prospect of forging partner relationships can be intimidating. PartnerPath has created a helpful three-step process that d ...
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  • Get CompTIA’s Strategies for Cloud Service Success

    by Matthew Stern  | April 08, 2014
    There’s no denying it: cloud is growing. IBM just announced an aggressive expansion of its cloud services, and TheInfoPro’s “Wave 5 Cloud Computing Study” predicts a 36 percent compound annual growth rate for cloud into 2016, according to Forbes. Moreover, 69 percent of enterprises with cloud budgets in 2013 are expecting to increase them in 2014. These expanding market projections also mean expanding budgets for cloud computing, so if you’re not in the game already ...
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  • Begun, the Cloud War Has

    by Seth Robinson  | April 08, 2014
    Earlier this year, CompTIA’s 2014 Outlook predicted that cloud wars would intensify, with public cloud providers fighting on price and differentiation and private cloud systems fighting to get a foothold. After just one quarter, that prediction holds true; several companies have announced new ways they are pushing this model into new territory. Late March was a game changer, as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all held events to share updates to their cloud offerings. As expected, price was a ...
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  • The End-User: the New Center of the IT Universe

    by Seth Robinson  | March 19, 2014
    Recently, I have been focusing on the amount of disruption caused by technology trends such as cloud computing and mobility. This isn’t a unique idea — other organizations recognize this change as well and have introduced concepts such as the fifth era of business transformation or the shift from information technology to enterprise technology. My own thoughts line up closely with IDC’s notion of a third platform, where the first two platforms are represented by the mainframe a ...
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  • Expect to be Amazed at the CompTIA Annual Member Meeting

    by Brian Sherman  | March 19, 2014
    It’s that time of year when a literal who’s who of channel professionals gather to take on some of the industry’s biggest opportunities and concerns. CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting convenes April 1 in sunny San Diego with a full slate of interactive group discussions, thought-provoking presentations and numerous networking opportunities. Attendees will also get to partake in this year’s IT Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Awards Dinner, as Robert Faletra and S ...
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  • From Buzzword to Maturity: Too Late to Get Into the Cloud Game?

    by Seth Robinson  | November 26, 2013
    You can argue that some of the ideas behind cloud computing aren’t new. Different models such as client-server computing or time sharing have used some of the same concepts. But the cloud model is unique and disruptive, and we have recently witnessed a strong acceleration of this trend toward maturity. In our latest edition of “Trends in Cloud Computing,” we show that today’s cloud has quickly evolved from a hopelessly overused buzzword into a permanent new technology mod ...
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  • ChannelTrends: From Coffee to Cloud, Quality is a Winning Philosophy

    by Brian Sherman  | October 16, 2013
    When virtually everyone claims to sell and support similar services in specific industries, how can businesses set themselves apart from the crowd? Differentiation can be difficult, often requiring significant investments to tailor product offerings and ramp up successful marketing campaigns. That can be a risky venture for any small business, especially where commoditization is already negatively affecting profit margins. While the low price method is one way to differentiate a company’s ...
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  • The Wonder Years: Businesses Transform as Cloud Adoption Matures

    by Seth Robinson  | September 05, 2013
    Just as channel firms are finding new models of operations within a cloud paradigm, end-user businesses are moving through a series of changes that lead from early experiments to a fully transformed approach to IT. With 90 percent of businesses claiming some form of cloud usage, adoption ranges from those late entrants just starting to test the waters to early adopters who have moved full-production systems or even business-critical applications into the cloud. Beyond born-in-the-cloud companies ...
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  • New Research Reveals the Channel’s Momentum Toward Cloud is Picking Up

    by Carolyn April  | August 27, 2013
    Channel firms deciding on a cloud play need to answer a few critical questions: Can I make money doing this? What type of cloud business works best for me? And who are my customers? This basic discussion of the economics of cloud computing has been front-and-center in the channel for the better part of the last three to five years, complicated by the wide variety of cloud business model options and potential revenue structures to explore, as well as differing customer needs. And yet, as found in ...
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