• How to Build a Wildly Successful "Born In the Cloud"

    by Brian Sherman  | August 04, 2015
    During the CompTIA Cloud Community’s meeting at ChannelCon 2015, members of the group’s leadership team discussed the real opportunities and issues that “born in the cloud” businesses face today.
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  • ChannelTrends: Add Structure to Your Cloud Practice

    by Brian Sherman  | July 09, 2015
    Creating a service that’s both beneficial to your clients and profitable for your business isn’t an easy task; it requires careful research and, in many cases, some trial and error.
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  • Cloud and Mobility: Enter Stage Left

    by Seth Robinson  | June 29, 2015
    What role do you play when the script changes? That is the question now facing IT professionals and channel firms as enterprise technology goes through a revolution. CompTIA’s newest study examines the new behaviors inside businesses as they enter this new era.
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  • The Convergence of Cloud and Telecom Expense Management

    by Joe Basili  | June 17, 2015
    The convergence of IT and Telecommunications continues to accelerate, thanks in great part to the introduction and advances in cloud services. This represents a great revenue opportunity for solutions providers and offers a host of new business options for their clients.
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  • Is Cloud Verticalization Your Next Opportunity?

    by Rob Rae  | April 27, 2015
    There are only a few reasons to turn business away, and in most cases, verticalization isn’t one of them, says Datto’s Rob Rae.
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  • Solution Providers: Save Time By Using Vetted Cloud Vendors, Says AMM Panel

    by Preston Grisham  | March 27, 2015
    Innovation in the cloud space is especially crucial for solution providers and vendors who want to ensure long-term viability, and finding a trusted cloud vendor can save solution providers valuable time in the vetting process.
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  • ChannelTrends: The New IT Distribution Model

    by Brian Sherman  | November 19, 2014
    With so many new IT services companies “born in the cloud,” will IT distributors be able to provide enough value to recruit those providers to their partner programs? Yes, in fact, and some providers and vendors believe their position has never been stronger. While many industry experts suggested in the past that the cloud and managed would be the death knell for distributors, most VADs are reporting record sales and partnership numbers.
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  • Cloud Optimism Rolls into the IT Channel — with Caveats

    by Carolyn April  | November 17, 2014
    Cloud adoption has jumped 90 percent since 2010, according to CompTIA’s 5th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing, and resellers, solution providers, MSPs and other channel types are reporting a sunny outlook related to cloud revenue. But that doesn’t mean channel firms aren’t experiencing growing pains.
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  • New CompTIA Research: Cloud Confusion Dissipates as Adoption Takes Hold

    by Seth Robinson  | November 04, 2014
    Cloud computing is starting to truly transform business operations, according to findings from CompTIA’s new 5th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study. As companies integrate cloud, they’ll encounter a variety of challenges, but now’s the time to dive in and discover the new IT ecosystem that is being created.
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  • Use Our Insights & Tools Resource Bundle to Get Your Head in the Cloud

    by Michelle Peterson  | September 16, 2014
    Combining research and market intelligence with our educational guides and resources, Five Tools to Jumpstart Your Cloud includes a variety of resources to give you a full understanding of this emerging technology, plus related channel trends and developments in the workforce. We’ve bundled complementary tools to make your study in cloud more digestible — a mini roadmap of sorts.
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