• ChannelTrends: Leverage Credentials to Successfully Launch New Business Practices

    by Brian Sherman  | March 30, 2012
    Life certainly doesn’t stand still, and neither does the IT world. Ten years ago, who would have thought that Apple products would be found in more than half the households in the U.S. or that mobility devices would be crucial business tools? Change is inevitable, but the technology we employ in our personal and corporate lives seems to be advancing at greater speeds each and every year. Some of those advancements have come about so quickly that they have become commoditized almost overn ...
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  • Surprising Health IT Opportunities in Obama's Federal Budget

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | March 07, 2012
    A look at the week of March 5 in public advocacy for the IT channel:  This week, Republicans prepare to introduce an alternative cyber bill in the House. takes a look at how cloud computing will change the way federal agencies work.  GovernmentHealthIT examines how the President’s new budget may affect health IT.Republicans Prep Secure IT Act in the House — Reps. Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) plan to introduce the Secure IT Act, a GOP-backed cybersecurity bill, i ...
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  • Empowering Yourself in the Cloud

    by Lisa Archer  | March 07, 2012
    With so much hype and so many different ways of describing the cloud, people are left feeling scared and confused.   Ian Moyse, U.K. sales director,, believes that we shouldn’t be scared of the cloud and instead ask ourselves the simple question if cloud can help.  Moyse has found that by trying one cloud-based application that genuinely helps us means we are far more likely to become “cloud committed.”Moyse has more than 26 years IT experience, sits on the board of Eurocloud UK, h ...
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  • Building Cloud Competencies

    by Lisa Archer  | March 07, 2012
    ITpreneurs have a simple, yet effective business model.  They develop courseware, and their resellers package this content with their own offerings to deliver high quality training to end-users.ITpreneurs saw a huge opportunity with cloud computing and worked with CompTIA from the start to design and develop the content for CompTIA Cloud Essentials.During our U.K. cloud luncheon today, Brant Seethaler, regional business manager, ITpreneurs, shared his personal experience working with ING Bank wh ...
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  • Growing the IT Workforce in the Cloud

    by Lisa Archer  | March 07, 2012
    More than 60 guests at our U.K. luncheon today were keen to learn more about cloud phenomena, cloud best practices and trends and understand how CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification can help companies of all sizes.Speakers at the event included Brant Seethaler of ITPreneurs, Ian Moyse, an industry authority on cloud security, and Andy Nickolls of SkillSoft.John McGlinchey, vice president, Europe & Middle East, CompTIA, welcomed the group and explained that CompTIA Cloud Essentials certific ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Generate New Revenue

    by Brian Sherman  | March 02, 2012
    In general, companies avoid unnecessary risks and will invest in any cost-effective methods that will lessen dangers to their business. Some hazards are easy to prevent, or at least insure against—such as fire or theft, while others are more obscure and present a real challenge to those unfamiliar with prevention methods.That’s the position many businesses are in when it comes to cloud and security services. The prospect of accessing and backing up critical business systems via the Web seems con ...
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  • Making Cloud Less Overcast

    by Lisa Archer  | March 02, 2012
    On March 6th, our UK office hosts a partner luncheon on cloud computing and the need for education and certification. Led by John McGlinchey, vice president, EMEA, CompTIA, the luncheon will feature Ian Moyse, a well-known authority on cloud security. Moyse is the U.K. sales director for, a Eurocloud U.K. board member and Cloud Industry Forum Governance board member.  Below is a post from Moyse on his insights into the cloud computing trend.2012 is rumored as the tipping point for ...
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  • White House, NSA Weigh Cybersecurity, Personal Privacy

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | February 29, 2012
    A look at the week of February 28 in public advocacy for the IT channel:  This week, the National Security Agency and the White House disagree about the agency’s role in cybersecurity.  A new study finds that the lack of uniform regulation in the cloud computing market is hurting its development.  Senator John McCain (R-AZ) plans to introduce a rival cyber bill.White House, NSA Weigh Cybersecurity, Personal Privacy — The National Security Agency has pushed repeatedly over the past year to expand ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Is Cash Falling From Your Cloud Business?

    by Brian Sherman  | January 27, 2012
    With the exception of utility companies and a limited number of monopolies, few businesses are able to turn almost every one of their prospects into paying clients. The optimal business deal is one where both parties get a fair value. Both the buyer and seller should be pleased with the results of the transaction, with no lingering issues that could prevent future sales. Though that scenario may seem straightforward, many companies lose that perspective over time. The sales team may fall into a ...
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  • 2012 Outlook: The Year Ahead in Tech

    by Tim Herbert  | January 25, 2012
    The ever-quotable baseball great, Yogi Berra, once quipped “the future ain’t what it use to be.” After several years of weak economic fundamentals and market volatility, getting excited about the future is arguably more difficult than it used to be.Many signs point to modest improvement in 2012, but it likely won’t be drastically different from the previous year. For those with the right product mix and business model, that’s probably not such a bad thing.Heading into Q1, CompTIA’s IT Industry B ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Eating Your Own Dog Food in a SaaS-Oriented World

    by Brian Sherman | Nov 30, 2017
    People buy and develop long-term working relationships with those they feel comfortable being around and know will do the right thing. That’s no secret, but in an era where almost anything can be procured, paid for, and delivered without a single human interaction, we tend to overlook the value of trust in business relationships. In the tech community, that confidence begins and ends with the solutions.
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