• End-User Cloud Behavior Points to Disruptive Times Ahead

    by Seth Robinson  | July 25, 2012
    We’ve studied the cloud computing market for three years. Our inaugural study focused on gauging the marketplace and defining cloud concepts, and the second study explored early adoption trends among end-users and channel firms. With the 3rd Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study, CompTIA examines a maturing market and the changes that are taking place not only for IT but also for business in general.The cloud market is expected to continue its rapid growth path. Gartner projects that total clou ...
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  • ‘C’ LOUD

    by Ian Moyse  | July 25, 2012
    The big C when it comes to cloud for the channel is “conflict.” I have been presenting and visiting partners around Europe for the past several years and listening to the opinions and input from vendors, VARs, resellers, MSPs, ISPs and a variety of channels by varying name definitions, and one thing is for sure, the cloud has certainly stimulated debate.Whether it is concern, nervousness, confusion or mistrust, a lot of negative feelings have been generated in the channel by the C word. And yet ...
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  • Last week’s Storms Raise Questions about Safety of Cloud Computing

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | July 05, 2012
    A look at the week of July 2 in public advocacy for the IT channel: Electrical outages caused by storms over the past weekend at an Amazon data center in Ashburn, Va., are forcing federal officials to reconsider its shift to cloud computing managed by the private sector, says the Washington Post. Senators are hoping to move forward from a political standoff regarding two opposing cybersecurity bills once they return from the July 4th congressional recess, says The Hill. Unemployment rates for ve ...
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  • Small cloud companies struggling to secure federal contracts

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | June 20, 2012
    A look at the week of June 19 in public advocacy for the IT channel: Small cloud companies are struggling to secure federal contracts and certification due to the overwhelming demand of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, says the Washington Post. Small business owners are embracing a new bill designed to keep productive immigrant workers in the U.S., says the Wall Street Journal. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee predicts that Obama will back down from his thre ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Can Solution Providers Compete in the Cloud Environment?

    by Brian Sherman  | June 15, 2012
    While some may choose to dismiss the various discussions, events and training programs on cloud solutions as hype, there are many more proving that the business model works. Members of the IT channel can be somewhat cautious, but it’s rare for them to ignore business applications that their customers want. And everyone from the smallest mom-and-pop retailer to the largest corporation wants the benefits that cloud services offer, according to respected industry analysts.For example, IDC reports t ...
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  • ChannelTrends: The Most Valuable Best Practice Forum for Solution Providers

    by Brian Sherman  | June 01, 2012
    When sitting amongst attendees at IT channel events, I typically ask which sessions are “must see” on the meeting agenda. Whether looking for real takeaways for their business or attempting to gauge future opportunities, the panel discussions are often at the top of their schedule. After attending a number of these interactive group discussions, I began to understand their appeal—especially when the topic is pertinent and the panelists are willing and able to share valuable business insight.Of c ...
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  • Corporate Technology, Take 3

    by Seth Robinson  | May 08, 2012
    A recent article on Computerworld led with the less-than-sunny line “IT as we know it is over.” From there, one might expect a discussion on offshoring, consumerization of IT, or the appropriation of IT by business units for their needs. All of these things are part of the equation, but the main focus of the article is that we are entering a third wave for corporate technology.The first wave, management of information services (MIS), started when businesses began using mainframe computers to aut ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Adding Structure to the Cloud

    by Brian Sherman  | April 27, 2012
    Until recently, the cloud for solution providers was a lot like an NFL draft prospect to their future team: a lot of discussion and tremendous potential, but no tangible results. But it’s really more than just a “buzz word” bandied about by the tech community to confuse end-users and reduce channel margin. Cloud services are finally becoming a significant source of revenue and business growth for solution providers and vendors. It’s become readily apparent over the past few years that there’s a ...
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  • Channel Friendly Cloud Vendors

    by Joseph Walker  | April 24, 2012
    It's taken a while for the SMB technology channel to warm up to cloud computing—and many SMB IT consultants still snub the cloud whenever possible. To be fair, the cloud hasn't been especially kind to the SMB channel either. Besides displacing jobs and lucrative contracts, many cloud vendors have been slow to embrace the channel. The thinking goes, Who wants to share a slice of revenue when you can market directly to the client and keep the entire pie? But all of that is starting to change.While ...
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  • What It Takes to Move to the Cloud

    by Leslie Hague  | April 12, 2012
    The IT industry has certainly been through its share of transformative business model changes. But what’s new about the current shift from on-premise to cloud is that it’s originating with end-users, speakers on a CompTIA Annual Member Meeting panel said on Wednesday.Speakers discussed what solution providers need to do to make the transition to a cloud services model. It doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning on-premise solutions completely, but more likely results in a hybrid model.For solution p ...
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