• ChannelTrends: Make Social Media Your New IT Sales Funnel

    by Brian Sherman  | July 25, 2017
    Many IT services firms continue to overlook the potential for growing sales through social media. The good news is it's not to late to get involved and start driving new business. How do the experts do it? Read on...
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  • ChannelTrends: Shifting from a Tech Business to Business Tech

    by Brian Sherman  | July 14, 2017
    Most IT professionals have come to realize that their business is no longer about themselves and the services they offer. It has more to do with the solutions they deliver and the specific needs they address for their business clients.
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  • Ten Years of the iPhone: Reflections on Mobility, Engagement and the Channel

    by Brian Sherman  | June 28, 2017
    On June 29th, 2007, the world changed with the introduction of the iPhone. What Apple managed to do a decade ago was change the perception and conversation around mobile computing. They created a massive following by focusing more heavily on the user experience than other manufacturers had to that point; making talk, music and the Web a more intuitive experience.
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  • ChannelTrends: Building a Personality for Your IT Services Business

    by Brian Sherman  | June 27, 2017
    What many businesses — not just technology companies — tend to forget is that customer engagement must be firmly instilled as a corporate mindset, not just something to do when things slow down. It becomes, in effect, the organization’s personality; one of encouragement and collaboration to ensure an optimal outcome for the client. Many IT services providers need to adopt that philosophy, and here are a few ways to make it happen.
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  • ChannelTrends: Diversity Is the Future of IT

    by Brian Sherman  | June 14, 2017
    The IT industry must do a better job of attracting and properly preparing the next generation workforce for success, and outreach to underutilized communities is a great starting point. CompTIA's new Advancing Diversity in Technology Community is exploring options to help make that happen, developing programs to empower and expand the pool of talent available to IT companies.
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  • ChannelTrends: Predicting the Future as a Service

    by Brian Sherman  | June 02, 2017
    Now is the time for channel firms to explore new opportunities and develop closer relationships with their clients. To get a better understanding of those customers’ needs and aspirations, and gain more “wallet share” as they build useful, viable new practices. With a little time and training, IT services firms can be the "tech visionary" their clients need while boosting their own future prospects. .
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  • ChannelTrends: Why Are 21st Century MSPs Being Paid Like it’s the 1990s?

    by Brian Sherman  | May 23, 2017
    Though many IT services firms have adopted the managed or cloud services recurring revenue model, a fair number of those companies are still using dates payment systems and processes. The tools and best practices are available for those looking to enter the age of improved cash flow.
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  • ChannelTrends: The Shift from Tech to Training for IT Security

    by Brian Sherman  | May 16, 2017
    The big problem for IT security providers is that their tools no longer differentiate their businesses. The real value is ensuring that end users have the knowledge, skills and training to protect their organizations.
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  • ChannelTrends: The Art of Attracting and Retaining Next Generation Talent

    by Brian Sherman  | May 03, 2017
    Today’s tech entrepreneurs need to change their habits. The best and brightest job candidates often focus as much on the work environment and flex-time as they do salary and benefits. With IT talent in high demand, channel firms must be aware of the interests and needs of millennials and a cross-generational workforce if they hope to compete.
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  • ChannelTrends: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Retail IT Specializations

    by Brian Sherman  | April 27, 2017
    Every vertical offers opportunities and challenges for IT services firms, and the retail market is a great example.What are the best prospects and the biggest obstacles?
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  • ChannelTrends: A Look at the Past, Present, and Future of the Channel

    by Brian Sherman | Dec 28, 2017
    The channel’s future won’t solely depend on IoT, cybersecurity and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Core technology competencies such as remote monitoring and remediation, backup and disaster recovery, cloud management, and desktop/ mobility device support will be needed more than ever.
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