• Bundle Up for Vertical Alignment

    by Larry Walsh  | September 15, 2010
    Dell has taken the temperature of the healthcare market and has written a prescription for its five-inch Streak tablet as an electronic medical records solution. It’s part of Dell’s big push into healthcare with hardware, software and professional services solutions to digitize and support health care delivery. This is not an unusual strategy. Geoffrey Moore’s book “Crossing the Chasm” codified the wisdom of targeting vertical markets or similar-type companies to ...
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  • Channel-Lands: A View from China

    by Larry Walsh  | September 10, 2010
    I’ve spent the week monitoring the Channel-Lands from afar in the Far East this past week. Honestly, I’ve been a bit disconnected between trying to keep up with a regular workload and taking in the sights and sounds of Shanghai and the surrounding countryside. Nevertheless, all of the headlines and drama of the channel back home have found me behind the Great Firewall of China. Here’s what tops my list for the stories of the week.Have You ‘Hurd’ about the HP-Oracle Drama?As we used to say in my ...
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  • Lessons from the HP-Dell Bidding Duel

    by Larry Walsh  | September 07, 2010
    Hewlett-Packard showed no signs of disorientation or cowardice once it engaged with Dell in the battle over 3Par, a cloud storage specialist. After 10 days of bidding and counteroffers, HP emerged with the prize, and Dell was left to contemplate its next move in building out enterprise and business-to-business offerings.What can we in the channel learn from this bidding war? Storage is hot, but that’s too easy. The bigger lesson is mergers and acquisitions are a tool for accelerating growth and ...
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  • Nearly All is Quiet on the Channel-Lands Front

    by Larry Walsh  | September 03, 2010
    The last week of summer is supposed to be lazy and quiet, and this past week in the Channel-Lands didn’t disappoint. Well, it was quiet with one exception in the ongoing HP-Dell rivalry. In fact, the quiet could actually signify something deeper brewing beneath the surface.PC Sales Rate Slow (or Is It?)Fears of a double-dip recession in the U.S. and Europe caused Gartner to revise its personal computer sales forecast for the second half of 2010. Originally, Gartner said PC sales would rise at th ...
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  • The Red Herring of Cybersecurity Legislation

    by Larry Walsh  | September 02, 2010
    On Capitol Hill, Congress is loosely debating the merits of nearly three dozen different pieces of cybersecurity legislation. These bills would impose new requirements for disclosing security breaches, guaranteeing the privacy of individual citizens and giving the government new powers in defending critical infrastructure and prosecuting a cyberwar.To date, the federal government has about a dozen or more cybersecurity laws on the books and scores more that address cybercrime and hacking. All bu ...
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  • Six Virtualization Trends to Watch

    by Larry Walsh  | August 31, 2010
    The cloud isn’t the most disruptive technology to sweep across the IT marketplace. It’s virtualization, for virtualization is the underlying technology that is enabling new architectures and delivery mechanisms for IT infrastructure, applications and data. Through virtualization, solution providers are delivering and end users are adopting new techniques for maximizing their IT investments and capabilities.We’ll be getting a steady stream of reports out of San Francisco as the virtualization zea ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Build Out or Partner in Cybersecurity? The Debate Continues

    by Brian Sherman | Dec 13, 2017
    While tech companies can theoretically offer every available cybersecurity tool and provide a comprehensive portfolio of assessments and consulting services, that usually doesn’t make sense. In fact, most channel firms have financial and resource utilization limitations that make partnering an attractive and often necessary option.
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