• Ready to Cash Out or Expand Your IT Business? M&A Experts Weigh In

    by Brian Sherman  | August 11, 2016
    Looking to add a new specialization to your business or expand your customer reach? Or, on the flip side, are you hoping to cash out and retire in a few years? Either way, there are a number of things you need to know before pursuing M&A discussions. The ChannelCon 2016 discussion on mergers and acquisitions strategies covered a lot of those topic. Moderated by Joe Panettieri, Content Czar of ChannelE2E, this panel discussion featured five IT industry executives with a lot of great M&A stories and ideas to share.
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  • Crystal Ball Gazing at ChannelCon

    by Steve Ostrowski  | August 10, 2016
    Corporate commitment to diversity and social responsibility – more so than new innovations –will have the biggest impact on the tech industry in 2017, at least according to an unofficial and random survey of attendees at CompTIA ChannelCon 2016.
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  • IT Services and Support Community Meeting Looks at Paradigm Shifts

    by Jeff Lareau  | August 10, 2016
    The constant paradigm shifts introduced by companies like Amazon, Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, and Tesla require companies to redefine the meaning of operational excellence, and reexamine what constitutes an enjoyable customer experience; a challenge examined at the ITSS meeting at ChannelCon.
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  • Smashed Phones Mean Profits: Business Opportunities in Mobile Device Repair

    by Steve Ostrowski  | August 10, 2016
    Fifteen percent of Americans are currently using a phone with a cracked screen; 15 percent have damaged a smartphone in a fit of emotion; and 20 percent have dropped a smartphone in a toilet. This is why technology solution providers that offer break-fix services on tech products may find new business opportunities by adding mobile device repair to their portfolio.
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  • Use a Little Magic to Increase IT Services Sales and Communications

    by Brian Sherman  | August 10, 2016
    id you know you could use magic to influence prospects and clients, and help boost your IT services revenue? Professional magician and mentalist Tim David not only entertained the crowd during the Vendor Summit luncheon at ChannelCon, he shared a number of best practices to help improve their sales and communications proficiencies.
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  • Breaking Boundaries: Channel Chiefs Share Observations and Advice at ChannelCon

    by Brian Sherman  | August 09, 2016
    A lot has changed over the past 10 years in the channel and researchers predict that cycle of transformation will continue to speed up exponentially over the next decade. And while that sounds great to those with IT service business investments, revolution often brings its own challenges. Overcoming those obstacles and taking advantages of the latest opportunities were a major focus of the conversations at ChannelCon 2016 ̶ and the channel chief power panel discussion highlighted a number of them.
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  • Managed Print Providers Get Advice on Business-Growth Strategies and Tactics

    by Steve Ostrowski  | August 08, 2016
    Attendees at the CompTIA Managed Print Services Community meeting at ChannelCon left the session armed with business-building advice and strategies for growth.
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  • Audits, Issues and Opportunities in Security Compliance

    by Brian Sherman  | August 08, 2016
    Many customers don’t know the difference between “complying” with standards and regulations and actually being secure. Those misperceptions have to be addressed early on in the solution conversation to prevent major issues (and significant blame) from occurring later. That was just one of the observations made by panelists in the Common Problems Encountered in Security Compliance session at ChannelCon 2016.
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  • CompTIA ChannelCon Advancing Women in Technology Community Meeting Stresses Confidence

    by Marie Meoli-Rourke  | August 05, 2016
    Building confidence – personally and professionally – to advance your career and build an exceptional company culture was one of the key topics and takeaways in this year’s ChannelCon Advancing Women in Technology (AWIT) Community meeting.
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  • Tomorrowland: Meet the New IT

    by Brian Sherman  | August 04, 2016
    Innovation in the computer industry is occurring at breakneck speed. With increasing internet capabilities and other technological advances, along with a continually escalating competitive environment, it’s extremely hard to keep track of it all. Those are a few of the points covered in the Tomorrowland: Meet the New IT session at ChannelCon 2016.
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