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  • Partnering to Improve Fundamental IT Skills

    by Matt Swanston  | April 15, 2010
    The following is a guest post from Certiport's CEO Ray Kelly.Last week we finally heard some good news about U.S. unemployment rates.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that public and private industry created 162,000 jobs in March, offering signs a slow economic recovery may be on the horizon.  Notably, the report did not mention the IT labor market, which is receiving mixed reviews.Every time I hear news about the economy, I am concerned for both students and IT professionals seeking emp ...
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  • Got an Outstanding Student?

    by Lisa Fasold  | April 14, 2010
    Nominate your student for the CompTIA Educational Foundation IT Merit Awards by May 1.Recognize your outstanding students who have trained for and received a CompTIA certification. Help them win at least $250 to further their pursuit of an IT career.The IT Merit Award Scholarship program recognizes outstanding accomplishments by students and adult learners in the CompTIA Education to Careers (E2C), CompTIA Authorized Delivery Partners and existing CompTIA Learning Alliance (CLA) programs who hav ...
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  • The State of the IT Training Industry

    by Matt Swanston  | April 09, 2010
    Tim Herbert, Vice President, Research, CompTIA and Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President, Project-Based Services, IDC shared their thoughts on current and future prospects for the IT training industry during their State of the Industry Address at CompTIA Colloquium 2010 on Thursday, April 8 in Chicago.Herbert kicked off the address with a brief presentation on the challenges faced by IT decision makers from a variety of verticals. “Productivity decisions intensify during difficult economic ti ...
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  • Mentoring the Next IT Workforce Generation

    by Matt Swanston  | April 07, 2010
    Want to know what the next generation wants in a tech career? The best info can be gleaned face to face. To that end, CompTIA board members, CompTIA Educational Foundation board members and CompTIA staff met with 15 students from the Chicago  Academy for Advanced Technology over lunch. IT leaders got to know the students on a direct basis as they gave them advice on how to land a career in IT and as the students told them what they hope for the  future. The students discussed their ...
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  • 2018: Flying Cars, the IT Workforce and You

    by Tim Herbert  | March 05, 2010
    Just about every water cooler discussion I’ve ever been a part of on the future of technology inevitably leads to mention of flying cars and/or robots. People can’t seem to resist criticizing the state of technology for not providing certain innovations that were “promised” years ago, or dreaming about a futuristic world where helper robots free us from the doldrums of work and flying cars free us from the annoyances of traffic. It wasn’t long ago when a discussion of the “future” would mean a d ...
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  • Are You Up to the Challenge?

    by Lisa Fasold  | March 05, 2010
    Ready to match shots with a professional mini-golfer?  During CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting, you can match shots with George McLeod, the second highest ranked professional mini-golfer, as determined by point totals on the U.S. ProMiniGolf Association national ranking list. CompTIA members and technology leaders will network and help fund training for the disadvantaged and disabled during the CompTIA Educational Foundation’s First Annual Creating Futures Charity Miniature Gol ...
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  • For Government IT Professionals, Training = Success

    by Tim Herbert  | February 22, 2010
    Unless you are skier Bode Miller, who can apparently win the trifecta of Olympic medals with relatively little preparation, success requires hard work and lots of training. CompTIA’s recent study Government IT Buying Plans confirms that government IT professionals recognize the need for on-going training as an important step in ensuring success on the job.According to the survey of over 500 government IT decision makers, approximately 3 in 4 expect to invest in IT training in 2010. The data reve ...
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  • Diversify the IT Workforce

    by Lisa Fasold  | February 10, 2010
    As we honor black history this month, we find more African Americans entering the IT workforce, but are we doing enough as an industry?African Americans are finding tech career success, although they are still somewhat under-represented in the IT workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008 calculated that approximately 574,000 African Americans worked in IT and related fields. African Americans make up roughly 12.5 percent of the entire U.S. population, compared to only 8.6 percent of the ...
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  • Xerox Stepping Up Big to Help Individuals in Need Pursue IT Careers

    by Lisa Fasold  | February 09, 2010
    Xerox will sponsor the CompTIA Educational Foundation’s 2010 Creating Futures Charity Golf Classic and the First Annual Creating Futures Charity Miniature Golf tournament. Both events benefit the foundation’s Creating Futures program which provides IT training and certification opportunities to individuals in need, including military veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, minorities, at-risk youth and dislocated workers.“It’s simply a win-win for all that get involved with our events, a ...
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  • New Talk Show to Help Individuals Begin “Creating Futures” in IT

    by Lisa Fasold  | February 04, 2010
    The Computer Outlook Talk Show and the CompTIA Educational Foundation are launching a new talk show series that will discuss the training and educational opportunities available to underprivileged and under-represented individuals, who normally could not afford the training on their own to work in the IT industry. Each month will feature a specialized CompTIA guest who will share with Computer Outlook’s growing listening audience, information about educational programs to stimulate a productive ...
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  • Nate Teplow Shares His Insight on Future Leaders, Life and Tech Experiences

    by Brian Sherman | Oct 24, 2017
    While his friends had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder in finance or working with a big four accounting firm, Nate Teplow sought the excitement of a tech career. The chair of CompTIA's Future Leader's Community shared his thoughts on cross-generation collaboration and improving the new work environment in this this month's member spotlight article.
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