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  • WIA To Impact Tech Workforce

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | February 10, 2011
    Some in our IT community may wonder what does the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Workforce Investment Boards (WIB) have to do with our businesses and bottom lines?  Here’s why they matter:There are 400,000 IT jobs that are presently unfilled.  This is due to skilled workers not getting directed to employers that need them and/or the possibility that there are too few skilled individuals to meet these jobs.  Aside from those out of work, there are also incumbent workers who need to update the ...
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  • What’s up with WIA

    by Elizabeth Hyman  | January 24, 2011
    In this challenging economy, where the unemployment rate remains discouragingly high, IT jobs may be available but must be met by a skilled and ready workforce.  We maintain the Getting America Back to Work (GABTW) Program to provide a comprehensive process for assessing, training, certifying and placing unemployed individuals into entry and mid-level IT technical positions. We work through community colleges and partners for the training component. Funding for the training and certification vou ...
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  • ChannelTrends: The iPhone, Microsoft & Other Notable News

    by Brian Sherman  | January 14, 2011
    Typically the week after the Consumer Electronics Show is rather mild for IT channel news, with the vendors and many VARs returning home and getting back to their day jobs. This year was different with a rather unusual timing for a consumer-oriented, but business-beneficial iPhone/Verizon announcement. While that news started a firestorm of blog and social media posts, several other notable topics hit the wires as well.   iPhone Rumors Come to an End (Finally!)It was the announcement many have b ...
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  • Profit from your Certification

    by Jennifer Babich  | January 12, 2011
    Despite claims to the contrary, most IT engineers aren’t born with the ability to rebuild a server or construct a computer network. Gaining those skills typically requires a significant investment in time and access to the resources of a professional training organization. In an industry where the product and service portfolios change with (what seems like) the speed of light, gaining a comprehensive understanding of computer systems, network infrastructures, and even document imaging can be a s ...
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  • Make a Difference this Holiday Season

    by Charles Eaton  | December 15, 2010
    Ladell is a 22-year-old native of Chicago. He and his six brothers and sisters were removed from his mother's home when he was 4. By the time he was 8, he had been bounced between six different foster families. At the age of 15, he was placed with what would be his last foster family. They forced Ladell into criminal activities, and when he eventually resisted, he was shot five times.Give an IT future to those in need this holiday season.I met Ladell a few weeks ago when I attended the ribbon-cu ...
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  • Congratulations to 25 Outstanding IT Students

    by Lisa Fasold  | November 30, 2010
    This month the CompTIA Educational Foundation awarded IT Merit Award Scholarships of $250 each to 25 students who are pursuing careers in the information technology industry.  These are kids and young adults who want to make our industry their own. The scholarships are to reward them for their extra efforts in studying for and passing their certification exams and to encourage them to keep going in their studies.  As an industry, we need to cheer on these students and others who want to become p ...
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  • Bring Out the Fun in Fundraising

    by Lisa Fasold  | November 29, 2010
    We brought the crazy and the creative out last month at CompTIA. Six staff teams fundraised in all sorts of ways to bring in more than $14,000 combined for the CompTIA Educational Foundation.  We’ll match that total, giving $28,000 to the foundation so that it can offer free IT training and certification to military personnel and spouses, youth at-risk and individuals with disabilities.In our fundraising contest, a single donation was limited to $500 so the teams truly had to hustle.  From aucti ...
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  • Education Takes on New Meaning in Shifting Economy

    by Larry Walsh  | November 17, 2010
    Last night at an event at the Seattle Music Experience, I met a couple of seasoned IT professionals – one a former head of security for a major (albeit defunct) bank. When I say they are “seasoned”, I mean their experience is matched by the number of gray hairs on their head. They had worked for major corporations, held numerous technical and professional certifications, and both are out of work and back in school.Continual education is one of underpinnings of the technology industry. Vendors re ...
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  • Thank our Veterans with a Gift of a Future

    by Lisa Fasold  | November 11, 2010
    From Valley Forge to Normandy to Vietnam to Afghanistan, brave men and women, from all walks of life, have left the comforts of the familiar, leaving family and friends, to defend our way of life and the freedoms many take for granted.  Today, Veteran’s Day, let’s give thanks to all our veterans.CompTIA has a specific program to help military personnel and their spouses get the training they need to launch an IT career.  The big bonus – it’s free.  It’s our simple way of saying thank you to thos ...
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  • From Entry to Expert

    by Terry Erdle  | October 21, 2010
    CompTIA senior vice president, skills certification, Terry Erdle, spoke at the CompTIA EMEA Member Conference. His presentation covered how CompTIA positions its offerings in the context of a global IT workforce.The impacts of recent economics, the establishment of global standards, and new partnerships all play into the bigger picture that can impact both the hiring company as well as the individual.It’s what any entrant or convert to the IT career path may need, as we see the recent economic c ...
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  • Nate Teplow Shares His Insight on Future Leaders, Life and Tech Experiences

    by Brian Sherman | Oct 24, 2017
    While his friends had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder in finance or working with a big four accounting firm, Nate Teplow sought the excitement of a tech career. The chair of CompTIA's Future Leader's Community shared his thoughts on cross-generation collaboration and improving the new work environment in this this month's member spotlight article.
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