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  • VA Rolls Out Competency-Driven IT Workforce Development Models

    by Janet Pinkerton  | August 22, 2011
    The right information technology (IT) training and certification for the right person at the right time—that’s the mission of the competency-driven IT workforce development model in the Office of Information & Technology (OIT) at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).Originally deployed to information security officers across VA facilities, OIT’s competency model project is being expanded to encompass all IT staff and is rolling out, by job classification, to the approximately 8,000 I ...
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  • Building Security at Tidewater Community College

    by Janet Pinkerton  | August 02, 2011
    Tidewater Community College (TCC) and its workforce development program was a game changer for 27-year-old Lonnie Barnes in more ways than one. He came to the program as a CompTIA A+ training student and wound up an instructor with a career ready to launch.Headquartered in Norfolk, Va., TCC offers courses based on certifications from CompTIA and other IT companies through its two-year associate degree program, a one-year certificate program, a career studies program and a non-credit work ...
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  • IT Job Hunting 101

    by Jim Staats  | July 25, 2011
    So you’ve found your calling, you’ve done the training and now it’s time to seek employment in the IT industry. Don’t let the economic doom and gloom get you down. \Here are some helpful hiring tips sure to re-ignite that energetic spark you felt when you discovered the industry of your dreams.1) Highlight your specialty. It goes without saying, even though we’re saying it, that the IT industry contains a vast array of specialty fields. The first thing a prospective IT professional on the job hu ...
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  • Foundation Looks to its own Track Record for Name Change

    by Eric Larson  | July 19, 2011
    The CompTIA Educational Foundation, which since 1998 has been helping unemployed and other at-risk individuals find careers in information technology, has a new name: the Creating IT Futures Foundation.The new name will help to distinguish the Foundation from other continuing education and educational programs within CompTIA, while also positioning the Foundation to reach a wider donor base.As it pondered a new name, the Foundation’s Board of Directors considered the essence of what the organiza ...
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  • Tony Carmichael: U.S. Air Force Vet & IT Technician

    by Jim Staats  | June 09, 2011
    Tony Carmichael doesn’t take lightly the importance of being well prepared in carrying out his IT duties.A military veteran who has had to troubleshoot computer systems under direct enemy fire, Carmichael credits the success of his civilian career to his solid foundation of skills and knowledge earned through CompTIA certifications.“Technology, especially computer technology, is constantly evolving,” said Carmichael. “One must be prepared and have the basis to build on as changes occur. Core kno ...
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  • Planting a Strong STEM

    by Eric Larson  | May 09, 2011
    Even after all these years, Sam Morris still cringes when he hears it. The brutally honest student expression can determine whether or not that student succeeds or fails miserably in the 21st century global economy.He’s talking about those dreaded words: “Why bother? I’m never going to use this anyway.”Morris, a K-12 and college math teacher of nearly two decades, is working to erase that defeatist line from student lexicon. Last month, he was hired by CompTIA member Lenovo in part to help the l ...
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  • Making IT Cool

    by Tom Liszka  | May 09, 2011
    Ever since the dot-com bubble burst at the beginning of the last decade, the IT industry has been waging an uphill battle to attract the talent it needs to meet its ever growing workforce demands. Somewhere along the way, as words like outsourcing and off-shoring became permanently derogatory terms in our vocabulary, pursuing an IT career lost its "cool" factor.The reasons I commonly hear from kids and their parents are "why would I want to be in IT?" or "Aren't all those jobs for programmers be ...
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  • Tap into Federal Funding for Job Training

    by Lisa Fasold  | May 03, 2011
    The Department of Labor made $240 million available in federal grants for training U.S. workers in high growth, high tech and high skill jobs.U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis announced the H-1B Technical Skills Training Grants program competition yesterday. Grants will be awarded to help workers update current job skills or acquire new skills so they can enter career pathways that lead to higher-paying jobs, including positions in information technology. The Department of Labor expects to fun ...
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  • Certify Yourself Goes Solo

    by Jennifer Babich  | April 27, 2011
    Today we unveiled the new website, a complete source for everything you have ever wanted to know, and more, about CompTIA certification. The site includes basic exam information like what is on the exam, pricing and other certification information previously found on the main, and adds new IT job role and career planning tools.The new Explore Careers section includes information on IT career paths, with an interactive chart to guide IT pros through the certi ...
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  • Certifications to Take your Career Worldwide

    by Tom Liszka  | April 26, 2011
    [podcast][/podcast]Two out of three human resources directors place a high value on certifications when it comes to hiring an IT professional.  If you’re ready to get a job in IT or move up the career ladder in IT, you need certification.CompTIA has been the leading vendor-neutral certification organization since 1985.  And its certifications aren’t just U.S.-centric, but can help you move your career worldwide.Hear from Matthew Poyiadgi, our senior VP o ...
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  • Nate Teplow Shares His Insight on Future Leaders, Life and Tech Experiences

    by Brian Sherman | Oct 24, 2017
    While his friends had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder in finance or working with a big four accounting firm, Nate Teplow sought the excitement of a tech career. The chair of CompTIA's Future Leader's Community shared his thoughts on cross-generation collaboration and improving the new work environment in this this month's member spotlight article.
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