• Ransomware and Cyber Insurance – a Costly Trajectory

    by Dr. Alan Shark  | September 18, 2019
    Just a few years ago many in government believed ransomware was a menace and only happened to “others” and besides – hackers were initially demanding relatively small ransom amounts of just a few hundred dollars.
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  • An Update on Tax Extenders in Congress

    by Geoff Lane  | September 10, 2019
    Congress is now considering the future of more than two-dozen tax breaks that have expired over the last two years. A few of these provisions are of great interest to technology companies.
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  • HSITAG Membership Supports Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

    by Gary Davis, Executive Vice President, CMA Consulting Services ​  | September 09, 2019
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  • France Flying Solo with New Tax is Self-Inflicted Pain

    by Geoff Lane  | August 19, 2019
    France has enacted a digital services tax in an effort to hamper the growth of innovative companies based in the United States. Under the plan, those companies with at least $851 million in global revenue – of which at least $28 million is generated in France –would be slapped with a 3% tax, retroactive to Jan. 1, 2019.
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  • Advice on Family First from HSITAG Members

    by Tristan Louis, President and CEO, Casebook PBC  | August 01, 2019
    Members of the Human Services Information Technology Advisory Group (HSITAG) offer advice to agencies in terms of getting their technology right in response to recent changes to the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA).
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  • Why we joined HSITAG

    by Gary Davis, Executive Vice President, CMA Consulting Services  | July 08, 2019
    Gary Davis, Executive Vice President at CMA Consulting Services, explains why his organization joined HSITAG.
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  • Ten Reasons Why Local Governments Should Outsource All IT Operations

    by Dr. Alan R. Shark, Executive Director, Public Technology Institute, a subsidiary of CompTIA  | June 27, 2019
    Given the growing complexities of planning and maintaining technology as well as having the right staff, many local governments might be much better off outsourcing some or all of their IT operations.
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  • Artificial Intelligence Panel on Capitol Hill a Reminder that Skills Are Key to Tech Growth

    by Geoff Lane  | June 27, 2019
    A discussion on AI was held before a packed room of Congressional staff and other stakeholders, and covered an array of topics such as AI’s enabling factors (data), who is using it (businesses and individual consumers), the hurdles to additional adoption (not enough data), and why we need it (to improve lives, workflows, and customer experiences, along with winning the global AI race).
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  • What Will Marijuana Laws Mean to Health and Human Services?

    by Scott Dunn, Optum Government Solutions  | June 19, 2019
    For 25 years, the Human Services Information Technology Advisory Group (HSITAG) has been identifying and monitoring critical HHS issues, including reaching out to state and federal officials, with a particular focus on how technology systems and automation could be used to help improve the lives of HHS professionals and the constituencies they serve.
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  • CompTIA Members Take Part In Successful APHSA 2019 National Health and Human Services Summit

    by Teri Lewis, Accenture  | June 04, 2019
    Every year, HSITAG members look forward to participating in workshops and sessions that include topics ranging from policy to research to state and local initiatives, and, of course, to connecting with our peers. It is also a way for our members to engage with a wide range of thought leaders to expand our skills and knowledge base.
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