Advancing Women In IT

  • AWIT Caps off a Successful Year with an Aggressive 2015 Plan

    by Doriana Allyn  | December 18, 2014
    AWIT’s Doriana Allyn looks back at the progress of the CompTIA Community and what’s in store for 2015, including a four-part webinar series designed for women working in IT.
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  • AWIT Members: Get Over Your Nerves and Share Your IT Story

    by Michelle Peterson  | November 06, 2014
    Public speaking isn’t easy, but sharing the story of how you got into IT can be inspirational, especially to girls and young women looking for new career opportunities. Cristina Greysman of Sungard AS shares her experience with Dream IT, an initiative by CompTIA’s Advancing Women in IT Community, and why it’s important to spread the word, no matter the size of the audience. “It doesn’t matter if it’s eight people or 150 — it’s a valuable conversation,” Greysman said.
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  • CompTIA Tackles the Industry’s Image Problem with Dream IT

    by Edward Jones  | September 15, 2014
    Attracting young women to careers in IT is a struggle in both the U.S. and the UK — and an industry-wide image problem that must be addressed by the community, according to Firebrand’s Edward Jones. Initiatives like Dream IT, by CompTIA’s AWIT Community, aim to engage at the grass-root level and transform the representation of women in IT.
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  • CompTIA Community Leaders Named to Power 100 List of Top Channel Influencers

    by Michelle Peterson  | August 27, 2014
    Three leaders from two of our CompTIA communities were among the influential women named to this year’s CRN Power 100, an annual list of female executives whose work in their respective companies and in the industry helps drive channel success.
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  • Dream IT Reaches Out to 10,000 with Message of Empowerment

    by Michelle Peterson  | July 17, 2014
    IT is a great place for women — that’s the simple message Dream IT, a new program by CompTIA’s AWIT Community, is sharing with 10,000 people this year. Through speaking engagements and the new AWIT Career Resource Center, and the community is both spreading the word and compiling a robust packet of slides, videos and instructions for those who would like to share their stories. “All we need are volunteers,” said project lead Cathy Alper.
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  • ChannelTrends: Career Development Opportunities Motivate Employees and Their Employers

    by Brian Sherman  | May 01, 2013
    It has never been easy to find and retain quality employees. Regardless of how much people complain about today’s challenges with recruitment and retention, world history is filled with HR stories that would make finding an IT tech seem like a walk in the park. In the Stone Age, for example, the Greek economy relied heavily on fishing and trading, so those with sailing skills and great physical strength were highly desired employees. Those with the most exceptional talents often became mer ...
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  • ChannelTrends: For Women in IT, Voice Matters

    by Brian Sherman  | March 22, 2013
    As a father of three, I want my daughters to have the same career and life opportunities as my son will enjoy and vice-versa. Everyone should have a chance to pursue the vocation of their choice based on their aptitude and inclinations; regardless of their skin color, gender or lineage. While they may face a variety of challenges along the way, discrimination is a hurdle no one should encounter in 2013.Perhaps that’s a reason why during Women’s History Month, so many workplace and IT industry di ...
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  • ChannelTrends: How 'Advancing Women in IT' Will Help the Industry Thrive

    by Brian Sherman  | December 18, 2012
    The IT community is rich with career opportunities, despite dismal overall job growth projections and many companies continuing to struggle with economic challenges. There seems to be no shortage of open positions in IT for the properly prepared individual, whether their skills are more technology-oriented or focused on the business side. As the business community relies more and more on IT to run and improve their operations, demand for qualified and trainable professionals will continue to gro ...
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  • IT Industry Leaders: Mary Ellen Grom on IT Marketing, Women in Technology and Career Success

    by Kwieties  | October 16, 2012
    Ever since attending her first IT channel event in 1995, Mary Ellen Grom has been a self-proclaimed high tech channel marketing junkie.In her role as vice president, US marketing at SYNNEX Corporation, Grom is responsible for leading all B2B activities, including implementing channel marketing strategies. SYNNEX Corporation is a Fortune 500 business process services company, servicing resellers and original equipment manufacturers in multiple regions around the world.Grom’s journey on the IT mar ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Inspiring a New Generation of IT Professionals

    by Brian Sherman  | August 17, 2012
    Despite the experiences of many solution providers, some suggest that there isn’t a real IT skills shortage, but a lack of key talent in the right location. Regardless of whose opinion you believe, the IT community needs to do a better job of inspiring youth and other industries’ displaced workers to pursue a career in high tech. With the continually rising demand for service and support technicians, developers and integrators, many companies can’t onboard new hires fast enough—and it’s only exp ...
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