CompTIA IT Business Trustmark

itbusinessThe IT Business Trustmark is given to companies that successfully demonstrate their ability to provide quality service and sound business practices. When you earn our IT Business Trustmark, you will have access to a number of marketing and sales tools, all of which can help increase your profits and efficiency. The IT Business Trustmark is sure to boost your reputation!

How do I get an IT Business Trustmark?

As long as you are a UK organisation that is involved in any value-add IT service, you can apply for our IT Business Trustmark. The application is an online self-assessment covering the operations, management, customer relations and professional standards of your IT business. Your self-assessment is then reviewed by CompTIA and your customer references are contacted for a brief interview.

Download our Quick Start Guide to learn more

You can enter your information in the form on the right to download the IT Business Trustmark Quick Reference. It provides you an initial look into who should get a Trustmark, what the benefits are and what you need to know before actually applying.

IT Business Trustmark Pricing*

  • Member Price: £130 
  • Non-Member Price: £260

*All prices exclude VAT

IT Business Trustmark Login & Application

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IT Business Trustmark Directory

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