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Executive Certificate in Data Recovery and Business Continuity (Foundations)

Workshop Take-Aways

Attendees will walk away with:
  • 10-Week Guide to Data Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Quick Start Guide to Data Recovery and Business Continuity
  • One CompTIA education credit for each course completed
Too often, data recovery and business continuity are viewed as discrete and infrequent activities that once completed, stay completed. The Executive Certificate in Data Recovery and Business Continuity addresses the ongoing need for DR/BC planning and provides an opportunity for solution providers to learn more about making DR/BC services part of their offerings.

Course Descriptions

Course #1: Understanding Business Continuity and Data Recovery
30 minutes

To successfully adopt business continuity and data recovery as a technology and business practice, a solution provider first must understand the technology, the customer needs, and the total addressable market. This first of six courses provides an overview of DR/BC technologies and service models, channel penetration and customer adoption trends, and pricing considerations.

Course #2: Determining Your DR/BC Business Model
1 hour, 15 minutes

Business continuity and data recovery is part technology, part art, which for solution providers is held together by a business model. Solution providers have different options for delivering and supporting DR/BC products and services to their customers. This course reviews the various product, managed services, cloud computing, hybrid, and professional services options for DR/BC models. Solution providers learn how each model works from a practice and revenue perspective, as well as the prerequisites for technology skills/capabilities and investments.

Course #3: Developing a DR/BC Practice
1 hour

After a solution provider selects its business continuity/data recovery technology and business model, it must set about the process of developing a business practice. A practice or a professional discipline is the incorporation of professional services, intellectual property and practices, and technology into a comprehensive offering that meets the various DR/BC requirements of the target market. In this course, solution providers learn about establishing DR/BC teams with qualified personnel, establishing DR/BC standards, creating performance baselines and expectations, creating and implementing security standards, identifying and accounting for data security and regulatory compliance requirements, and establishing performance reporting processes.

Course #4: Protecting Your Own Data First
1 hour

Before going to market with a business continuity and data recovery product or service, solution providers should ensure they are using their own technology and have their own data protected. In this course, solution providers go through the process of setting up and implementing their own DR/BC program. It also covers how to use the in-house implementation program as a test bed for taking DR/BC to market and maturing a sales and operational practice.

Course #5: Meeting Customers' DR/BC Needs and Expectations
1 hour, 15 minutes

Providing business continuity and data recovery solutions to customers is more than just a product sale, it’s a professional service on every level. The establishment of services includes defining and setting performance and outcome expectations, providing value-added services to ensure completeness of DR/BC plans and applications, and delivering ongoing technical support and professional guidance. In this course, solution providers learn about crafting DR/BC sales agreements and contracts, creating professional services and service delivery processes, aligning service level agreements with customer expectations, and providing ongoing support.

Course #6: DR/BC Go-to-Market Sales Strategies
1 hour, 15 minutes

After all the technology evaluations, the business planning, the strategic development and dress rehearsals, solution providers are ready to go to market and sell their DR/BC products and services. Before the first sales appointment is made, solution providers must define their product packaging, market value and competitive differentiator, sales pricing, go-to-market strategy and marketing kits. In this course, solution providers learn what it takes to properly position DR/BC solutions and services to create value to their customers and their own businesses.