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Executive Certificate in Mobility (Foundations)  

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Workshop Take-Aways

Attendees will walk away with:
  • CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Crafting a Mobility Offering
  • CompTIA 10-Week Guide to Mobility
  • One ComTIA education credit for each course completed
The mobile revolution in the workplace may have started because we love our phones and tablets, but it continues because business leaders recognize the potential for increased productivity and improved connections with customers. Attend this interactive workshop to examine different opportunities in the mobile space and investigate a framework for establishing a mobile strategy. You’ll also consider the concept of mobile management and examine the stages of the mobile device lifecycle.

Course Descriptions

Course #1: The Mobility Market
2 hours (webinar option available)

This module opens with an examination of key findings from CompTIA's mobility research. What’s driving the rapid adoption of mobility in the enterprise? What are the benefits? And what are some of the primary concerns or challenges? Building on these discoveries about the current and future state of mobility, this module explores how different organizations use mobility to enhance business productivity and streamline operations. Participants will have opportunities to discuss with industry peers their ideas and plans for using mobility in ways that impact the bottom line.

Course #2: Developing Mobile Management Solutions for Customers
2 hours (live training only)

Managing enterprise mobility is more than just tracking devices. While device management gets the most attention, a large number of tasks are often included under that umbrella -- expense management, application management, and policy creation and enforcement, to name just a few. This module introduces a framework for addressing all areas of mobility management, then presents the tools available for managing them. Participants walk away from this module with a plan for crafting their own mobility service offerings based on their team’s skill sets and their clients’ mobility needs.

Course #3: Building Mobile Application Solutions for Customers
(NOTE: This is not a workshop on coding mobile apps)
2 hours (live training only)

Most industry observers agree that interest in mobile app development is exploding. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge for solution providers. During this module, participants discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the hire, acquire, or partner options for application development, as well as explore different development approaches. Participants walk away from this module with plans for leveraging their roles as trusted advisors by focusing on some of the techniques used in articulating business requirements for mobile app initiatives.