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Executive Certificate in Cloud (Foundations)

Workshop Take-Aways

Attendees will walk away with:
  • Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing
  • CompTIA 10-Week Guide to Cloud Computing
  • 3 CompTIA cloud white papers
  • Access to Video on Demand series on cloud education
The Executive Certificate in Cloud (Foundations) allows solution providers to take advantage of the substantial business opportunities in delivering cloud solutions to customers, and helps them recognize the differences from selling traditional IT services. Workshop attendees learn how to develop a successful cloud services practice by leveraging best practices for marketing and selling cloud solutions and managing ongoing customer relationships.

Course Descriptions

Course #1: Transforming Your Business to the Cloud – Executive Overview
2 hours, 30 minutes (webinar option available)

The executive overview provides a summary of the training required to help solution providers transform their business to the cloud. This course provides high-level information, including market opportunities, a glossary of terms, customer demand, key aspects to transforming a traditional solution provider business, potential business challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Course #2: Marketing
1 hour, 45 minutes (webinar option available)

This course helps solution providers understand the implications of cloud computing on their marketing strategy and helps them align marketing goals, tactics and investments with a new cloud services sales model. Attendees explore a variety of marketing approaches to cloud solutions, discuss messaging, learn how to target new buyers, review tactics and walk away with a marketing readiness checklist.

Course #3: Sales Execution
1 hour, 45 minutes (live training only)

The sales execution course helps solution providers gain a better understanding of how to build a successful cloud business practice and to recognize the differences from selling traditional IT services. This session provides the foundation needed to make decisions on the best approach to sales in the cloud environment, and covers best practices from experienced cloud solution providers.

Course #4: Services Delivery
2 hours (webinar option available)

The services delivery course helps solution providers understand how to align their cloud service offerings, needs, and price points; as well as develop insights into staffing, pricing and organizational considerations. Specifically, this module focuses on services team structure, the services lifecycle, on-going services opportunities, developing operating services and the implementation process, and long-term client relationships.

Course #5: Operations Management
2 hours (webinar option available)

The operations management course helps solution providers recognize the operational elements of their business that require modification when building a cloud business. The fundamental topics include: Deal economics, cash/revenue flow, creating effective sales compensations plans, and establishing operating metrics.