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Executive Certificate in Cloud (Intermediate)

Now available through e-learning. Learn more here about how to enroll in e-learning to be taken anyplace, anytime, on any device.

Workshop Take-Aways

Attendees will walk away with:
  • 10-Week Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business
  • Quick Start Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business
  • One CompTIA education credit for each course completed
Building on the CompTIA Executive Certificate in Cloud (Foundations) program, this course of study addresses the specific "hows" of profitably integrating cloud-based IT services into a solution provider’s business. While much of the cloud-focused training currently available addresses generalities about business model transformation, this certificate program delves into the specifics of growing a cloud-based business. What solutions should an IT service provider offer and what are the best practices for incorporating them into current services? What are the most effective ways of building and utilizing a playbook to market and sell cloud-based offerings? And which organizational changes facilitate the growth of cloud business?

Course Descriptions

Course #1: Building Cloud Solution Success
2 hours, 15 minutes

Few "out-of-the-box" solutions will meet all of a customer's needs, leaving a wealth of opportunities for trusted advisors who understand their customers' businesses. Consulting, integration, and management are some of the services that can be layered on to cloud-based offerings to optimize revenue opportunities. During course #1, participants examine the factors that have enabled some solution providers to experience great success in building cloud business – what did they offer their customers and how did they deliver those offerings? The course dives deep into specific solutions and addresses the question of cloud revenue generation.

Course #2: Developing Cloud Playbooks
2 hours

When IT solution providers move to increase their success with cloud solutions, they quickly realize that selling cloud is different than selling on-premise solutions and that the skills and training of their sales team must evolve. Central to this transformation is building a cloud solutions playbook. Creating plays for your playbook means putting a repeatable sales process in the hands of your sales reps to improve their ability to sell. Course #2 walks through the process of building a playbook for a specific cloud offering and provides participants with an opportunity to begin building their own playbooks.

Course #3: Transforming Your Business
2 hours, 15 minutes

Adopting a specific business model to support your cloud-based offerings will have implications throughout your organization. In this course, participants examine different business models – including cloud builder, cloud services reseller and so on – and discuss the impacts each model has on the organization's strategic, marketing, sales and operations plans. Having chosen a business model to focus on, participants will also consider metrics they can put into place to help drive their efforts.