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Executive Certificate in Social Strategies (Foundations)  

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Enough already!? Sometimes it seems like we can’t escape the continued drum beat of social media hype. But, while the case for social media as an essential sales and marketing tool has been made numerous times, less attention has been paid to how social technologies and platforms have the potential for transforming other areas of your business.

During this workshop we will explore how “social” is not just about media anymore. Using a case-based approach, we’ll investigate how other MSPs have leveraged social technologies to optimize core business processes, examine different types of social technologies and tools, and discuss strategies for utilizing social technologies within your business as well as your customers’ businesses.

Attendees will receive the CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Social Media for Marketing, the CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Becoming a Social Enterprise, and the CompTIA 10 Week Guide to Social Strategy.

Course Descriptions

Course #1: What is Social Business?
2 hours, 30 minutes (live training only)

This course introduces the concept of a social business and discusses how it differs from social media. Participants examine the areas of a business most readily impacted by the social movement and discuss its potential value. They also consider their own goals and how they might be furthered by the effective use of social technology. As part of this course, participants complete a readiness assessment to measure their preparedness for transforming their businesses into a social business.

Course #2: Social Tools, Techniques, and Applied Value
2 hours (live training only)

This course utilizes a case study-based approach to explore how companies – particularly small- to medium-sized companies – have successfully utilized social tools and techniques to add value to their businesses. The potential benefit for solution providers is two-fold: They explore ideas for using social technology to transform their own business operations, while also learning how to effectively guide their customers in utilizing social strategies to achieve their goals. Use cases include IT support, collaborative IT, marketing and CRM, recruiting and more.

Course #3: Social Policy and Strategy
2 hours (live training only)

Building on the use cases introduced in course #2, this course offers an opportunity for participants to consider their own social strategies. Considerations include creating the right conditions for social success, addressing the needed culture shifts, developing the necessary competencies in the right people, dedicating resources throughout the organization, and aligning social strategy with business goals. Social ROI and determining how to measure the value is also discussed. Participants walk away with an action plan for developing a social strategy for their managed services business.