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Channel Training

CompTIA offers a full portfolio of channel training, including live workshops, printed and downloadable training guides and business credentials. All of this is informed by CompTIA Research and Market Intelligence, which provides timely, relevant data and insights aimed at informing and driving the IT industry. Our suite of channel training is available to CompTIA members on our member resource center so log on today. Not a member? You can access a limited number of education and resources.


Channel Training Categories

Our training content and materials are the result of a collaborative, CompTIA community-led development effort. We adhere to this industry-leading development process to offer the IT channel relevant, timely content presented in an interactive format that caters to the way adults learn best. See the Education Content Roadmap to understand how to maximize value from CompTIA training materials. 


Business Credentials

We also offer several business credentials to help you show your customers that you adhere to the industry's best practices.

Executive Certificate Holders

Click here to see our Executive Certificate holders in Cloud (Foundations), Cloud (Intermediate) and Mobility (Foundations).

Education Content Roadmap

Channel Training Terminology

CompTIA Quick Start Sessions are 45-60 minute faculty-led presentations that offer participants a simple, how-to approach to starting a new business model or practice. These sessions are based on content from the CompTIA Quick Start Guides. Quick Start Sessions may be delivered face-to-face or through a live webinar.

CompTIA executive certificates provide busy professionals the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skill sets to target organizational goals and objectives—all while managing a hectic schedule. Executive certificates are available in various vertical markets, have been developed by leading experts in the IT industry, and are delivered by CompTIA Authorized Channel Instructors. Each course is intended to help IT solution providers enhance their current businesses with successful niche practices. Solution providers learn best practices and ex- perience opportunities for interacting with and learning from their peers. To receive an executive certificate, participants must complete all courses and pass the assessments for each course in a specific executive certificate program.

CompTIA E-learning
CompTIA offers interactive e-learning courses on select topics to help busy IT channel professionals accomplish their training needs on their own time and at their own pace. Our e-learning programs are characterized by scenario-based learning opportunities, case studies and other interactive exercises designed to maintain learner engagement throughout the content. Like instructor-led versions of these courses, each e-learning course ends with a course assessment. All courses that are offered via e-learning will be represented by this icon throughout the catalog .

Capstone Sessions
Capstone sessions are the final piece to completing an e-learning Executive Certificate. Once you've taken all the self-paced courses and passed the assessments for an Executive Certificate program online, register for the Capstone Session, which may be completed as a live webinar or face-to-face during a CompTIA or CompTIA member event. Facilitated by authorized CompTIA instructors, these are one-hour sessions that give you an opportunity to discuss the concepts from the self-paced courses with peers, and apply them to real-world situations.

Beyond training for IT Solution Providers, CompTIA also develops education for vendors and distributors to keep their staff up-to-date on trends in the IT channel. This education may include CompTIA Executive Certificates, white papers, and videos on-demand.

CompTIA Quick Start Guides offer readers step-by-step instructions in a particular technology or market. Each guide provides an overview of market opportunities, industry best practices, actionable advice from those who have been successful in that particular business segment, and a valuable checklist of resources needed to build an IT practice.

Sales Playbook workshops teach participants to target, position, and close new opportunities and are available in both interactive face-to-face and convenient online formats. Contact your member services representative to learn more about offering these workshops to your partners.

CompTIA 10-Week Guides are comprehensive self-study guides. When an executive is about to start a new business practice or implement a new service offering, one of the most crucial steps is to build a comprehensive plan. CompTIA 10-Week Guides lead readers through a series of steps designed to get that part of their business up and running. Using best practices from industry experts, these self-study guides provide actionable steps that help ensure success.

CompTIA RESEARCH & MARKET INTELLIGENCE CompTIA IT Channel Training is data-driven and validated by best-in-class re- search. Every year, CompTIA conducts at least 15 research studies to provide members with timely, relevant data and assessments that can be immediately incorporated into business and marketing plans, education, and sales strategies. Our research studies typically include the dual perspective of end-users and IT firms and adhere to rigorous research and ethical standards.

CompTIA members enjoy full access to more than 50 archived reports, presentations, and white papers, including examples such as:

  • CompTIA EDUCATIONAL VIDEO ON-DEMAND SERIES - These pre-recorded online education sessions cover a number of vertical mar- kets and business topics. CompTIA educational videos on demand are de- signed to help members boost their revenue, improve business practices, and meet a number of other organizational goals.
  • CompTIA WEBINARS - CompTIA webinars provide valuable information on business strategy, new op- portunities and how to overcome business challenges. Live and on-demand webinars are available free of charge.
  • CompTIA FAST FACTS - CompTIA Fast Facts are brief, informational fliers providing IT professionals with basic, but significant, knowledge about the topics most important to the IT industry.
  • CompTIA WHITE PAPERS - CompTIA provides a number of white papers on a variety of technical and topical issues. Our white papers are intended to help educate readers and enable them to make quick decisions.
  • CompTIA INDUSTRY ROADMAPS - Developed by the CompTIA member communities, each industry roadmap provides a snapshot of the current landscape, where the industry is going and how to prepare for changes.

CompTIA Trustmark credentials improve business practices resulting in competitive differentiation and customer confidence by identifying IT companies that consistently follow best practices for a specific area of expertise. CompTIA Trustmark holders are required to complete and adhere to an extensive control framework for a specific area of expertise.