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TechVoice Champion Award


Elizabeth Hyman
Vice President, Public Advocacy

Tech Entrepreneurs
Lamar Whitman
Director, Public Advocacy

IT Workforce
Randi Parker
Director, Public Advocacy

PAC and Grassroots Advocacy
Matthew L. Evans
Manager, Public Advocacy

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Supporting Internet Governance and Security

Economic expansion will rest increasingly on the creation of new and innovative business models and solutions that leverage Internet-based platforms. Advancements in cloud computing, mobile technology and applications are rapidly creating new opportunities for economic advancement while also raising a host of new public policy considerations.

We support:
  • Cybersecurity reform in the areas of private/public partnerships, FISMA reform, DHS reform
  • Monitoring the Data Breach Notification Act and the Safe Data Act
  • Monitoring the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2012
  • Monitoring privacy bills and insisting on policies that balance barriers to entry for SMB firms with consumer-friendly practices
  • Monitoring federal agency action on privacy and mobility policy, such as NTIA and FTC privacy roundtables, working groups and hearings
  • Insisting on technology-neutral legislation (and opposing specific cloud computing bills)