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CompTIA is your voice in government. Having a strong advocate in government has never been more important than in today's global economy. CompTIA represents the interests of small and large IT companies before policy makers.
As the largest association in the technology industry, with more than 2,000 members representing all facets of the industry and as the leading global provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications, CompTIA uniquely sits at the intersection of innovation and education.

We coordinate with our member companies to provide expert testimony and written comments on various IT matters, such as workforce development, IT certifications, healthcare IT, small- and medium-size IT entrepreneur issues, cybersecurity, privacy, cloud computing, and smart grid technology public policy issues. We also conduct and develop research reports on a variety of IT industry-related issues.

CompTIA Members Meet with Capitol Hill Legislators during our D.C. Fly-In

CompTIA's advocacy priorities include:

Support Skills for the 21st Century Workforce

As the leading global provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications, CompTIA uniquely sits at the intersection of innovation and education. We support policies that expand life-long education in the computer sciences and basic IT skills. These foundational skill sets are an imperative for the U.S. economy and its ability to spur job growth and innovation and to compete globally.

Champion the SMB Tech Entrepreneur

Small and medium-sized businesses are the lifeblood of the national economy. SMBs employ over 50 percent of the country’s private sector workforce and hire 40 percent of high-tech workers, such as scientists, engineers and computer workers. Yet, when national policy is debated, the interests of SMBs are not always understood. The voice of the tech SMB needs to be heard in Washington, D.C.

Lead in Internet Governance and Security

Economic expansion will rest increasingly on the creation of new and innovative business models and solutions that leverage Internet based platforms. Advancements in cloud computing, mobile technology and applications are rapidly creating new opportunities for economic advancement while also raising a host of new public policy considerations.

Support New Technology Models

Technology is more mobile, interactive and smarter. We need to give focus to these new frontiers and ensure that new technologies are given the opportunity to develop and grow.

Support Health IT Solutions

Small IT solution providers continue to be well positioned to play a significant role in the health IT transition. A strong partnership between the federal government, medical providers, and the IT industry is critical to ensure a successful future for patient health as well as strong privacy, reasonable cost savings, efficiencies and economic benefits.

Many federal programs and policies seeking to advance health IT and encourage broad support have left small IT solution providers on the sidelines, placing medical providers at a disadvantage and significantly burdening market entry. As states continue to pursue health information exchanges, and the medical profession continues to embrace machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, it will be all the more important to position the small and medium sized solution provider as part of the solution for HIT.