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2012 Priorities
Filling IT Jobs, Supporting Small IT Biz, Securing Tech
2012 promises to be an interesting year in Washington, D.C., with the upcoming presidential election dominating the political scene. Members of Congress will be anxious to wrap up the session so they can get home to campaign for re-election. This means that the political calendar will be compressed and legislative achievements will be limited. That said, hot issues will kick up, such as the online piracy debate, and we see some opportunities to push ahead with CompTIA priorities. Washington sometimes favors long-term thinking, and the issues where we stake out leadership now can reap returns down the road. With that in mind, check out our 2012 public policy priorities.
Off to a Roaring Start in 2012
2012 is off to an exciting start in cybersecurity. First, a bipartisan team comprised of senate staff for the Commerce and Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committees shared a "discussion draft" to reform cybersecurity. Next, the biggest Internet companies in the world, such as Wikipedia and Google, flexed their muscle by staging a black out protest that generated thousands, if not millions, of angry phone calls, emails and letters in opposition to SOPA. This is the first time in recent memory that an IT issue dominated the debate on Capitol Hill. 2011 was mostly spent on debt ceiling talks.
Tech Entrepreneurs
Tax Efforts Successful in 2011; Work Ahead in 2012
Looking back at 2011, we see two huge successes in the repeal of both the new Form 1099 withholding requirement and the 3% federal tax withholding on government contracts. However, a number of popular provisions were either cut or expired, such as small business expensing and the R&D tax credit. Read more.

Continuing the Fight for Payroll Tax Extension
The payroll tax cut extension debate will certainly heat up over the next few weeks, as the two-month extension expires on February 29. Both parties express support (with public urging) but divide ranks on how to pay for the cut. CompTIA continues to support a similar reduction for the payroll tax portion paid by small businesses that create much-needed jobs. Read more.

Access to Capital and Crowdfunding
While most see the potential benefits of crowdfunding, the current discussions center around how to provide adequate protection for investors. The basic question is how much should be required of the issuer in order to both protect the investor and maximize the issuer’s ability to raise equity investment. Read more.

IRS Releases New Tax Gap Study
The IRS released an update of its “tax gap” estimate, last revised in 2006 for the 2001 tax year. This study found that in 2006 lost tax revenues amounted to $450 billion, up from $345 billion in 2001. The IRS tags small businesses with a bit more than 30 percent ($138 of the total $450 billion) of this tax gap. Read more.

Skills for a 21st Century Workforce
U.S. Government Holds the Key for Jobs Market
A new report released by the U.S. Department of Commerce targets deeper federal funding in technical education as a key to America’s future economic competitiveness. Read more.
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