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Your Top Association News to Use this Week — May 23, 2012
  MJ Shoer Seeks to Lessen Tax Burden on Small Businesses
  Education Needed to Help Small IT Firms Access Capital
  How Getting Involved in Public Advocacy Makes Business Sense
  Cloud Computing Evens Playing Field for SMBs, Fosters New Innovation
  National Initiative Supports STEM Education
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Profitability has been affected by IT skills gaps at 22 percent of companies, and only 44 percent of employers have a process for identifying staff IT skills gaps. How can your company fill in the gaps? CompTIA members can learn more in our State of the IT Skills Gap report.
MJ ShoerIT Entrepreneur MJ Shoer Seeks to Lessen Tax Burden on Small Businesses
As a small business owner with eight employees, MJ Shoer, president and virtual chief technology officer of Jenaly Technology Group Inc., sees first-hand the costs and staff time associated with tax compliance. Like many other small business owners, Shoer views the regulations and requirements surrounding payroll tax as a significant burden – as well as an onerous cost center.  How is Shoer now engaged with Members of Congress and becoming an advocate for the small business community? Read more.
Education Needed to Help Small IT Firms Access New Sources for Capital
Jacob K. Braun"The cybersecurity landscape is changing more dynamically than ever," said Jacob K. Braun, president and COO, Waka Digital Media Corp. "Between internal and external threats, risks have grown so rapidly that many organizations are unable to keep up on their own, so they rely on specialized providers for both information technology and information security outsourcing." For small business firms like Waka Digital, access to new capital and financing is critical to their ability to grow and keep pace with customer demand for their services. The recently-enacted Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act opens up a new channel of vital equity capital through crowdfunding. But according to a CompTIA survey, just one in five firms is aware of this new potential source of financing. How can you access capital?
How Getting Involved in Public Advocacy Makes Business Sense
Wendy FrankWendy Frank, founder of Accell Security Inc. and Accell Technology Inc., became active in advocating for a change in the Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) federal contracting program after finding it an obstacle to her efforts to grow her business. By partnering with CompTIA’s public advocacy team, Frank is making her voice heard in the corridors of Congress. Learn how.
Cloud Computing Evens Playing Field for SMBs, Fosters New Innovation
Dan ShaperoCloud computing represents the most significant growth sector in the IT industry. The efficiencies it provides can be a difference maker for a small start-up firm or a business looking to reduce costs. “The cloud has created a frictionless market for us to deliver high value services at an affordable price point,” Dan Shapero, digital marketing expert and founder of ClikCloud, explained. “Because everything we do is in the cloud, we can serve our customers regardless of location.”  Currently, the United States is the undisputed leader in cloud services, and CompTIA is pushing three common sense actions to help the country build on its leadership position.  Learn more.
National Initiative Supports STEM Education
TechVoiceCompTIA, through our TechVoice partnerships with the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC), the North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA), and the Illinois Technology Association (ITA), made three separate $5,000 grants to support education in STEM fields in these states. The grants are part of a series of donations we're making on behalf of our TechVoice partners to support community-based efforts to promote IT and IT workforce development, education and training. If you’re working with a regional technology association and want them to become part of the TechVoice network, contact Matthew Evans.
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