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Victor Hayes played a leading role in shepherding the development of the Wi-Fi technology used in millions of wireless networks in homes and offices around the world. He led the IEEE 802.11 Standards Working Group for Wireless Local Area Networks, which established the basis for Wi-Fi. Subsequently Hayes shepherded the computer industry into proper representation in regional and international spectrum management through the Wi-Fi Alliance.

C. Wayne Ratliff designed and wrote the Vulcan Database Management Program while working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1978. This program became known as Ashton-Tate's dBASE, the first widely used database management software for the personal computer.  dBASE is considered one of the "big three" early software products along with WordPerfect's word-processor and Lotus Development's 1-2-3 spreadsheet.

During his tenure with Connecting Point of America, Jim Ciccarelli helped pioneer a new franchise model within the computer retail industry. Ciccarelli served as chief executive officer of the company, which became a billion-dollar reseller and distribution organization. His new business model gave small and medium-sized resellers more buying clout with some of the biggest high-tech vendors. He also shifted the vendor-reseller relationship to where the reseller became a valued customer. Many independent companies still bear the Connecting Point name to this day.

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IT Hall Of Fame

IT Hall of Fame logo

The IT Hall of Fame recognizes the contributions of IT channel game-changers and IT innovators. It's comprised of two wings – IT Channel and IT Innovator – and is administered by CompTIA. It builds on the legacy of an earlier Hall of Fame established by the respected industry publication CRN.

Any individual, living or deceased, who has served as an IT pioneer and/or uniquely helped the channel flourish, or who is responsible for a major innovation, is eligible for induction into the IT Hall of Fame.

An independent selection committee reviews all nominations and selects the honorees. The class is announced and members inducted during an in-person ceremony at the CompTIA Annual Member Meeting, held every spring.

IT Channel Nominee Criteria:

  • Significant experience in the IT channel.
  • Innovative product/service or marketing introductions.
  • Service in an important capacity in or related to the IT channel (e.g., volunteer board position).
  • An unimpeachable record of integrity and respect in the channel.
  • A prominent role in promoting the public's awareness of the IT channel as a significant and responsible member of the business community.

IT Innovator Nominee Criteria:

  • Creator of a major innovation in IT.
  • An unimpeachable record of integrity and respect in the industry.

Additional Qualifications:

  • No current voting member of the CompTIA Board of Directors may be nominated for induction into the Hall of Fame during their board tenure.
  • Candidates must be retired from the position for which they are being nominated for at least two years, but may otherwise be active in the industry.

Nominations may be submitted by solution providers, vendors, distributors, journalists or analysts.

Nominations for 2014 open Nov. 11 and end Jan. 10. Click here to nominate a qualified individual or organization. Inductees are announced each year at the CompTIA Annual Member Meeting.