Test Details
Number of questions:

Length of test: 90 minutes

Passing score: 720 on a scale of 100-900

Recommended experience: Eighteen to 24 months of experience in VoIP, data networking or other convergence-related technologies

Languages: English, German and Japanese

Exam code: CT0-101

CompTIA Convergence+


The CompTIA Convergence+ certification proves the competence and knowledge of IT professionals specializing in unified communications.

The CompTIA Convergence+ certification is an international, vendor-neutral certification that recognizes a technician's ability to design, implement and manage both data and voice networking. Although not a prerequisite for CompTIA Convergence+ certification, it is recommended that candidates are CompTIA Network+ certified and have 18 to 24 months of work experience in areas that include data networking, VoIP, and other convergence related technologies.

Several companies that provide solutions such as VoIP and data networking value and support CompTIA Convergence+ certification, including Avaya, Siemens and Intel.

"CompTIA Convergence+ is embedded in the Avaya Professional Certification Program as a strategic element to provide proof of an individual’s fundamental knowledge and competency in voice data, telephony and networking technologies."

Frauke VoBebein
Certification Manager, Global, Avaya, Inc.

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