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CompTIA Security Trustmark™ Levels

Which Level is Right for You?

All organizations must first complete the Security Trustmark, consisting of an extensive review of the organization's security policies, answers to the security control survey (121 questions), and achievement of a passing score based on their responses.

After achieving the Security Trustmark, the business is then able to have its assessment and business practices put through a rigorous review by an accredited third-party assessor for consideration for the Security Trustmark+.


The Security Trustmark+ is a stronger endorsement of an organization's commitment to best practices for information, personnel, and environmental security. A Security Trustmark+ holder has been verified as operating under the guidelines of the best practices detailed in the CompTIA Security Trustmark Control Framework.

A business with Security Trustmark+ is able to demonstrate to their clients and prospects that they have passed an independent verification of the business processes used to protect confidential information.